Monday, December 24, 2018

dec 24 2018

i could not  do any better today than this... from ?2 years ago???

A Poem for Opal
by Karen (aka nhteach)
'Twas the week before puppies, at Carlene White's farm
and the CPs were answering her call 'to arm'.
The fluffies were folded and stacked on a shelf
by Grace, our quite tall and compassionate elf.
The futons were made up by Donna, sweet dear,
in colors to compliment each coat and ear.
And Megan, 'though poorly and sick with some strep,
was putting each dog through its step-wait-wait-step.
With Smiley and Laura and Connor to help,
when Opal decided the time's come to whelp.
And Shannon maintaining control in the barn,
as Noel and Big Walter sang out one more yarn.
Theresa on keyboard and checkbook in hand,
was busily caring for SDP-Land,
Then what to my wondering eyes did appear,
but a car with two white and one very black deer!!
No, wait! That's the nanny! The nanny named Pam!
The Dots and their Martha, appearing on cam.
And doggies all over the fields came to see
their overnight “mommie” who filled them with glee.
“Hey, Andrew! Sarge! Voo-doo! Big Magnus and Neal!!
I've just had some notes from Miss Willow and Teal.
And George, Boo, and Tizzy wrote Queen Bailey, dear
to remind us for each brand new puppy to cheer!
And Sir Thomas wrote also, to tell us, no doubt,
that waiting for babies can wear CPs out.”
So up the steep driveway, the herd of Danes flew
with small plastic bags and some poo-pickers, too!
To add to the nursery supplies for the wait
of new tiny Danes, freshly out of the gate.
“Miss Opal, we're here for you!' chorused the pack.
“We've brought lots of laundry – it's all in a stack.
We all know you'll handle this birth with aplomb
since you've waited so long to become a new mom.
Your babies will love you as much as we do
and they'll learn to love visitors at Sunday Stew.”
And Opal, so sleepy and too big to move
just smiled at her friends to show she approved
of their sweet and warm wishes they said with affection
to a soon-to-be mommie in the nursery direction.
Then Carlene appeared with a white monkey fist
and reminded them all that to serve was the gist.
“Now back to work, doggies! You've lessons to learn
to serve your new partners – a priv'lege you'll earn.”
So each little Starlet, each pup, and each dog
and even the turtles, the rats and the frog,
the chickens, the donkeys, the horses, the hens
turned quickly around and returned to their pens
to wait for these babies they longed to appear
and smiled at the CPs who saw and could hear:
“Be patient, dear people, who watch on the screen.
You'll all know it's time when you see sweet Earlene.
We'll soon have more babies then you all can name
and spoon-feeding lessons for the humans to train.
So, please save your pennies, your nickels and dimes
and help us all out, in these sweet puppy times.”
And Opal, she smiled. And rested her head
on her soft giraffe pillow and her freshly-made bed.
“I'm happy I'm helping some folks who need care.
So, please, CPs, help us – I hope you can share.”
And I know I heard Neal as he snuggled close by,
in his sweet baby whisper say, “Thank you! Good-bye!”