Saturday, December 29, 2018

dec 29 2018

newtons law-- an object in motion tends to stay in motion , and an object at rest tends to stay at rest,..
 mr newton ain't just talking about apples falling out of trees-- all his laws --- supposedly of physics are equally as applicable to sdp. ... with both animate and inanamate objects..
 my desk is a perfect example of objects at rest-- stuff that lands there tends to stay there... like a small blow torch once used to  cook lamb on a spinning "thing" .  there is also one of those stamp things that  notary would use on official papers... i bought it for $3 at a garage sale -100 years ago when i  was into  registering  animals ( horses) .  i have always had an amazing disregard for paperwork.--'ustabe'-- everyone needed a coggins test for horses and donkeys ----the usda  came round to check- and were very particular-- each dog and donkey had to have a number-- not a name... but a number.  i thought they were here to check on the  welfare of the animals that   i was using in my  " animal episode "  business.  i had a terribly disrespectful argument  with the usda  "inspector"  which ended with me screaming  "his name is "seven"  "  and she would not certify us as  "in compliance" til i changed it to "7". sounds reeeeeeely stupid except  i am sure it had to do with computer input which had to be a numeric field.

SO BAck to the laws of physics  there is a carlene one.  you can not accelerate at the rate at which you can decelerate.
example....   0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds  or 60 to 0 hitting a tree.  those people who so proudly say  "my car has 4 wheel drive"  need to remember 4 w/d is not the same as 4 wheel stop.  as we await our first significant snow storm... 
can be applied lotttsa places...
people send me all sorts of  words of wisdom on the  3" x 6"  cereal box poo pickers they send daily--  one stayed on my desk for a long time--  still there.... 
"what one person receives without working for, another  person works for without receiving."  
then there is this concept...

San Francisco has come to stand for the most specific set of horrors. It is the place 
where extreme poverty and tech wealth occupy the same block, 
while the schoolteachers and firefighters all live two hours away.