Friday, January 11, 2019

jan 11 2019

APPARENTLY  NANCY OAKLAND AND FAMILY  hAVE SOME TRADITION About a christmas craft where they all sit around and do something... this year it was to decorate poo pickers for sdp/  hands busy while enjoying the family and conversations.--
good old goldie-- at it again...wouldn they land here on the day we are trying to figure out what all these seniors can do that woudl be entertaining and  not cost a fortune.. with a box of crayons we can set judy loose and see what happens.

the  cutting of  the poo pickers---  ( a 3"x6" piece of cereal cardboard)  started as a way to involve people who could not afford the $10 chicken brick a month-- that size and shape  works wih teh healtiest of great danes- while fitting in one's back pocket-  it evolved to  writing clever sayings on them-- then having a grocery bag folded between teh 2 ... or 4... pieces of cereal cardboard...  held with a n elastic...  teh really fancy ones include a packaged handywipe -- and now  decorated to boot !!  there is no end to possibilities...  
we are on it.  a  back pocket industry
saving children-- today's news of a bus driver stopping to scoop up a young barefooted child running toward an intersection- judy and i had our own version yesterday ...  while  sittin at a stoplight a van crossed in fron t of us with a kid in a car seat behind the driver- and the door was wide open--aftter a split second of shock we pulled rioght out  against the lighte and fell in behind her blowing the horn...  she saw it immediately, shut the door and drove off..
raising children is a hair raising proposition... things happen..   to say "how can she be so stupid as to not shut th e door..." is something that would be said by someone who has not raised kids...--  try as you may... stuff happens.
maybe she was someone who was worried about paying th e morgage when her husband was not going to be paid today.

another magazine delivery story from long ago  ( 1975?) --- i was delivering WantAds in cambridge - at a  mini market that did sell wine. and the guy ahead of me returned a bottle of wine-- for $1.79. i asked the cashier/owner "what was that about? " and he said " he's a  nice guy....he got home and realized he didn't have enough money for teh subway   to get to work in the  morning" ..  true story... 

if there is anything worse than a miserable job with an impossible boss... clearly... it is no job.  i must admit, when i hear about teh fact that  someone  in govt decides which jobs are critical and necessary...can we revisit a whole bunch of jobs that are  deemed not necessary.??
it is a game i  play--- watching television, i constantly ask... who is paying thier paychecK?  -  from digging up the  bits of broken pottery  in egypt- to studying the dna of ants in spain to  all those people in washington who are not elected officials  but seem to just be "around"  to pass an opinion on the width of a roll of toilet paper. 

if i am not mistaken-- with the exception of the constitution,  99.5% of all our rules and regulations   are a reaction to an event.-- ? wrong?  try the PUBLICATION  of teh irs rulings.

as you all know, i consider  our trash picking up person far more critical to our sanity than  the ones we send to  washington.
losing one's sanity-- or sanitation- is a  serious matter.
Update on John and Jess

It has been three and a half years since Jess joined John. Jess has been a great help from the beginning, but even more so since as John gets older and his Muscular Dystrophy progresses the need for Jess has increased too. She has been up to the task. She anticipates Johns needs in many ways. She helps him up from sitting, provides support while walking, adds the extra effort needed to go up an incline, and she also guides him around potential slippery areas when walking on snowy or icy surfaces and generally watches over him in all aspects of his movements. Everywhere they go people constantly comment on how well behaved she is, from busy restaurants to church to stores - Jess is always by his side. They have become known in many places in the local area.. 

Jess loves to help John unwrap his presents on birthdays and Christmas. She is always aware of who is going with the two of them in the car, and makes sure no one is left behind. We love to see how happy she is when she is working and are reminded how important it is for John and her to keep sharp, which they do. John does a fantastic job of taking care of her in every way. They are a great team.

We appreciate all the effort and sacrifice so many have made and continue to make so people like John can have a much richer life. Thank you so much for providing all the help needed to insure the success of John and Jess.

Happy New Year to everyone at SDP - workers, volunteers, and CP’s!

John, Jess, & family

Dear Carlene,

You have no idea how important your visits to nursing facilities are.  Due to crippling arthritis, I recently became a resident of a long-term care facility.  The high point of my stay here is a weekly visit from a volunteer, a 77-year-old lady, and her wonderful look-a-like Wanda pup.  He makes my day when he jumps up on my bed so I can give him scratches and hugs.  The weekly visit from this woman and her dog is the best medicine in the world, and is what saves me from depression and despair!!!

Too, I have often thought Explore cameras installed in nursing facilities would be a godsend.  In fact, I long ago sent Explore a message suggesting that very thing.  Wonder why they don't do this.

Keep visiting folks in care facilities. It's the most important thing you are doing!!!
well certainly one of them...


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