Thursday, January 3, 2019

jan 3 2019

i knew it was going to be a tough day when i popped my vitamine pill in my mouth and forgot to take adrink to swaqllow it.
but i have a veery gooooo d reason..

i have been doing all teh payroll and  time schedules- nort necessarily because some govt said min wage wetn up;... but because i thin=k  we have enough to stop being a minimum wage payer... just abrely.. but i have decided we are going to be above it.

it aint easy
 scheduling  rules ... we need someone to  "open" the barn and house at 7am and close teh barn at 5pm
a trainer should be on deck 8 am to 5pm  to do trainer talk. at 5pm
oliv and shan could carpool if scheduled togetehre
wade will work 5 days a week to match his wife's ?nursing ?  job schedule
ciindy can't drive at night
linda can't get here before 10 
donna cooks a mean steak so should be here for breakfast time.
pam and grace have really wierd hours involvung overnights
grace wants to be here at least a few hours when linda is here.

with one eye on 40 hours- i have been struggleing.

biggest error.....
. i made a grid spreadsheet 

donna comes in at  7 and goes at 12   

 so i had her neame next to     7  8  9  10  11  12  looked lovely
 except   that meant 6 hours a week -- i did not catch that until i had everyone lined up- 
that extra hour on 12 people 7 days a week and i was way over budget and coulng figure out wy for a long timeml;
problqwm was   7 meant 7 to 8  and 12 meant 12 to 1   
boy did that screw up my finances for probably aqn hour

so that is why i  am late

thanks for the phone call-- :)