Monday, January 7, 2019

jan 7 2019

new idea-- i am sick and tired of sitting around here-- mostly tired... i am not sick--- i enjoy having a cuppa or two of coffee and writing this dd - gets a few things out  of my semi crowded head....  but then..... i watch everyone else go off and play with the dogs- and here i sit surrounded by paperwork which i screw up anyway.

so in the  interest of efficiency-and my sanity  i am outa here-  9 to 12 -  by 1 i may be back NAPPING ... BUT At least i have been aired out.
 usta be---- going anywhere was such a struggle because of teh effort it took to get my  various cars running, i have not got over the effect of  rolling starts, jumper cables, lack of heat or a/c  i may have had this car for 4 years, but i am still shocked to turn the key and have it purrrrrr away.
4 years-- and  when we had to use the flashers in boston,  the button i chose  opened the back window- which then lead to the search for the "off" button TO GET  teh back window wiper TURNED OFF....
this is the car that played the ave maria for months every time i tried to have that siri lady tell me how to get out of some cow pasture she had got me  into.

my car's siri lady has a nasty sense of humor- so i just don't trust her.------ now... joyce has a better relationshoip- with her siri person.  joyce got us to the hospital to visit annie- then found  the store on hannover street in the north end- where we needed the flashers - we were very fortunate to find a place to double   park- i don't know what they do with those cars next to the curb that are blocked in with the double  parked..   maybe they auction them off every spring.
my siri person has betrayed me enough times so i have learned i am better off to rely on dead reckoning -  if i can just remember where teh atlantic ocean is, i can ususally get around pretty well- thanks to my old  magazine delivery occupation.
which reminds me... maybe the daily doggie  population has not heard  some of teh stories about that  phase of my life.... my favorite story is--- one day-- in a blizzard-- one of the usual delivery people could not get out to deliver teh  WantAds---so there i was in lowell---standing in line with my pink slip waiting for  the owner of the small variety store to be done waiting on all the kids who had school canceled and had gone to his store for candy... he was very patient with them and i  said when i got to the register... "gee you are awfully nice to those kids" 
 and he said " why shouldn't i be- maybe 1/2 of them are mine" 
there is a funny boston parking story that is difficult to tell without a diaqgram... but i will try... in east boston- there is a situation here 2 streets meet at a  "V"  and people park along the legs of that "V"   but when those places are full they continue along teh same line well out  into the intersection-- or " square"---   where lacking the curb for  directions- they just  stop and leave their car -  th part that gets very strange is, by general agreement with the police, it is allowed- and many times some people come and take cars away leaving the others all alone , un attended, in the middle of this "square"  - there are times when  a half dozen cars will be  creating a slalom course- this is normal boston. i have used that parking araingement many times and never been ticketed.
along with a cleaned off desk, i have a few new ideas  i want to tlak to staff about this week.   
most alarming-- new volunteers are not to be assigned to the cellar for laundry folding- and every volunteer should take a box of cookiies and go around and give every dog on the property  at least one-- but not more than 3 "cookies" -- the dogs need the public exposure- and teh volunteers might think it more fun than picking poo.
 moving on.....