Thursday, February 28, 2019

feb 28 2019
nightmares--mine usually have one foot in reality--- i must have been looking at eeyore just before bed  because my nightmare was  he didn't fit in the new trainers cars...even tho i had my two dogs  in there very nicely...  - that was nightmare #1
 the other--( i usually fall asleep with the tv on) i was running down the street in vietnam waving teh bill for the lunch - as i chased the president's airplane taking  off from the same street-----which brings up teh gritty nitty of the fact that it cost someone to put all that fancy lunch table together-- even tho neither of the 2 main characters traveled "coach" to get there....  fact still remains  there is some poor "business unit" of owner,cook and waiter who  were hoping to  have things go differently-- the cost to the 2 main characters  is minor, but  to the waiter it might be a years salary. so who paid the bill? and just how was that done...i am sure the us gov't has 28 people in charge of foreign meals.... with or without icecream.--or... maybe-- that big airplane carries it's own  ingredients for foreign meals?????- maybe there are shelves in the back for cans of "mushroom soup" .

i have read-- comments from barbara bush-- and jimmy carter about how the first family has to buy their own food, unless it is a state you understand why the obama's started  that garden.
so who makes up teh shopping list .  just in the way life is...  do they- as we do --- have a white board for thier costco list????-- who goes to the store and decides which bunch of bannanas are ripest?  who decides "paper  or plastic" ?

on with today-- we have a spay at 9:00--and i have made an executive decision that it makes no sense for megan to go sit there when she coud be out training...i can sit and reead this adi #$%^&* just as well there as here.... well no....  in front of the fireplace is one heck of a lot better than dah's cold floor...  but the economics holds true.
coming out of anesthesia is  sometimes a very violelnt affair... last time i was there alone i had to get a vet tech to help-- these are big  strong dogs--- once tehy begin to swallow and can have that tube out- there is about 7 minutes of exhaausting   scrambling to keep them from banging their head--
to this end, i am taking haley with me--as brute force... we need to get this under control... because   i think there is a shot which makes them come out more relaxed-- but it takes longer... and costs $26.

and you thought dog training was a simple matter !!
I normally just read your musings and adventures. I just wanted to let you know that you are so right about the ridiculousness of rules that does not take into account organizations like The Service Dog Project. Places that have raised healthy and successful working Service Dogs. My mobility service dog Falcor passed away last October and I can tell you that even I  always acknowledged how much he had improved my  quality of life, but I had not realized how much his loss (which I was unprepared for. It was sudden. GI Tract tumor) would mean, not just to me but my family and friends. Successful working service dogs are a living gift to all who received them. 
Thank you! 
Miss Carlene, I heartily agree that many government regulations are written just so some employee can justify its existence by adding layer after layer of extra requirements. As for the ADI, a perfect example of a wonderful idea that was bogged down by letting lawyers get involved with futile attempts at trying to anticipate any problem and come up with ridiculous methods of preventing said issue.  
And yes, Missouri is the Show Me State; I think Truman had a sign in the Oval Office “the buck stops here”.  
Good luck with your ADI hoop jumping!  They should require every current and wannabe service dog outfit to spend 30 days at SDP to see how the real pros do it!

but i will behave... maybe... and make  emergency plans to deal with a flood on this hill