Sunday, February 3, 2019

FEB 3 2019

when donna fell-- i thought we behaved perfectly-- laura chased her dogs away while linda called 911  -- megan got fluffies and dealt with her on the ground... - i went down the drive to  open the gate  and make sure teh ambu didn't miss us... not one of us ever thought of getting the first aid kit with it's funny little triangle of cloth...maybe my bottle of brandy would have been more to the point...  
details--- like today pam has carefully listed deven and shanna as  barn closers-- who do a walk thru and list what dog is in what kennel-- to be kind tothem  pam listed it as a partnership-- split job- sounds logicqal--- except that introduces an element of error "oh i thought you  did that kennel" 
 i want one person t do the walk thru--- eyeball each dog -- and their water buckets--write who's where on the overnight paper for the house- and sign your name.    why??? we had a situation where somenone went to water off the donkeys and noticed a kennel with a dogs name on it... and no dog-  we went thru a horrible  "did the dog get out... or be left out.   before we realized teh white board at the house did have the dog listed as gone for the night...  that is not supposed to happen... one person does the walk thru and signs their name.  that paper needs to be absolutely correct  once a year.... and unless youcan tell me whichday that will be, it has to be correct 365 times. 

there are 1000 of these- and if anyone knows of any more.. please do let me know. !!
Good evening Carlene and crew,

There is always so much going on at Crazy Acres but I wanted to drop a small line to you and thank you again for the training the service dogs receive. Today my middle child was having her birthday party and part of it was at a trampoline park which is basically a monster playground with tons of foam pits and trampolines. The party was on a Saturday so as you can imagine the place was absolutely packed with kids and their parents running and screaming and such. While the kids played my wife and I got a spot on a bench to keep an eye out. Our girls and their friend were having a blast. Charlotte was, as always, a perfect angel. It's absolutely a possibility that she could freak out or lose it but she didn't, not once. She lied down next to me keeping her eye on me in case I make a brave show of standing up suddenly. Without her I wouldn't have been able to be there, I'd probably be waiting in the car or at home. As a partner she has so much improved my quality of life. In fact, I've been invited to try out for the Air Force's adaptive sports team to compete against the other military services this summer. The events I'll be competing in are wheelchair basketball, shooting sports, sitting discus/shot put and short distance swimming. You better believe I'll have Charlotte by my side through it all. I don't know if I will make the team but this is yet another experience I probably wouldn't have been able to look forward to before we were matched. Thank you, thank you to you and all your staff (and the CPs!).

Paul and Charlotte
It’s a heat wave!! Woot woot! 
Eve and I did school at the Coffee House. It was so nice to get out after the deep freeze and the crazy weather we’ve had! While Eve’s mobility has still had its ups and downs lately we left the chair behind when we were out today!! We found great close parking to both the coffee house and a kids store next door so she was able to do that walking with Finn! We call it the OI dance sometimes it’s 2 steps forward 1 step back and other times it’s 1 step forward and 2 back. I lost count this time but hoping we can’t rewrite the steps and take like 5 forward this time around!