Friday, April 19, 2019

april 19 2019

from cp---Just A REMINDER. CAKE DAY    ON FRIDAY 19TH :))   apparently we are all set with getting cakes to chelmsford....   it is really not such a big deal to make someone smile-- and it is such fun.... 
i am back on my lifesavor program... i began to run out-- and my supply was just reinforced  at mail call... yesterday  stop and shop is out on strike with strikers all over the road  and  tehre was a policeman at either end of the group-- i had time to get the roll of life savors ready--  as i gave one to the first guy...  he laughed  and said "i needed that" 
well i am certainly glad- with teh help of teh cp who gave me those... i could deliver !!
rotaRY CLUB IN ROCKPORT  PROVIDED JUDY AND I WIITH LUNCH-- I THINK........... MY FATHER WAS A ROTARIAN AND AT THAT TIME THERE WERE NO WOMEN-- IT WAS  FOR ONE MAN  OF EACH PROFESSION IN THE TOWN WS INVITED TO JOIN.....-- LUNCH ONCE A WEEK...AN INTERESTING CONCEPT...  I AM NOT TOO SURE WHAt teh deal isn ow-- but we had a good tiem... bentley and sizzle were vry welll behaved-- and  the woman who sat with us is a retired veternarian-- who rides horses in willowdale behind us... i suggested she come visit...
struggling to make the  ADI paperwork requirements...
i have heard a rumor that bella ( of bella and george -- abc news fame..) is now home schooled--- i would love teh details if possible-- i know she had trouble getting locked in a broken  school elevator without her attendent -- plus--  the elevator had been inspected and rejected-- and did not even have a way to alert anyone that they were stuck -- she used her phone to call mom-- who called  911   -  and it involved george having to make a 4 foot  jump out - because teh fie department could not get it level on a floor????
so now what is going on???? only if possible for public distribution???????
i make a habit of reading the inspection certificate of all elevators i now go in...  you are standing there doing nothing-- have at it... there are whistles to be blown...