Wednesday, June 12, 2019

june 12 2019

   the ROYAL BALL is nearly done - all 9 fingers around a regular bowling ball--  maybe a little fussing with it.. but  now a presentable "swing??".

rumor has it  a new mule arrived last night in teh usual state of disarray-- skinney... feet not tended to---  but he has landed  in what was mo's stall for teh moment.. 
now that beth "gentled " joshua, maybe today we can get teh full harness on him and see just what he knows... my guess is he is a very welll trained "plow puller" - so if we can manage he should not fuss about a light weight racing buggy--( which we already own...)  what is normally used to  break and train these 2000 pound work horses/mules is  basically a car or truck axle with a seat-- it has a name -- i forgot---
i do  remember teh dairy farmer who had such a great 6 horse hitch-- black percherons-- he trained his by having them pull teh manure spreader-- if they behaved they went across the hill-- if they did not... they went up and down teh hill- a great lesson in training .

todays on camera entertainment could be teh unloading of all teh plastic child yard toys now in teh  trailer... acquired from  what was a child's camp setting -- there are 2 boats there also...  much stuff is destined for teh dump--- but there are some goodies.
here is teh wierd idea of teh day---
 a guy name jack was here sunday- he is a scientific type----- said he had read somewhere that 
coyotes population density was studied to see if the   howling basically controlled  teh litters or teh size there of...  theory being  if tehy start to howl and are answered by another pack  to closely-- they have fewer litters???

sounds wierd to me...  but someone has a gov't grant to study that i am sure.- at any rate -- our dogs are back to howling  every morning as i type...
ashley and piglet?
We are doing very well ! He seems to love the farm life 😉 We’ve already done Walmart shopping, visited my folks as well as the local convenience stores that have been looking forward to meeting him! We’ve also been to church and done some 4wheeling with he and my dogs running along! This first week has been so great I can’t wait to see where we’ll be a month from now!

eve and finn
I have to tell you I am over the moon proud of this girl!!! I signed her up for swim club which means getting up early (for Eve) most of the summer 4 days a week and swim and hour everyday with able bodied kids, (who are younger and swim faster) in water that is legitimately too cold for her so she wears a full body wet suit, and now also with a casted (waterproof) broken arm! She didn’t love it but she rocked it anyways! This girl is going to be ripped!! 
** tehre is a picture of  Finn giving her a wellness check after being swallowed by that pool 🤣🤣