Thursday, June 13, 2019

june 13 2019

big excitement---it is supposed to  rain today---- normally i would wander around in the rain and enjoy teh warm showers..however between the beavers and  gravity in general, i have til 10am  to solve  what some people would call "severe problems"- like getting water to flow uphill.. having failed at that miserably for years, in one case  it is keeping teh "upper" water from even staqrrting down hill/. the other...  an animal rights confruntation.
 first problem---cafe le donk... in teh pouring of teh concrete so that water would run off teh backside  without massive earth renovation  with bull  dozers, it meant that the door to the ice house was 1 inch lower than this High side of teh concrete pad for teh cafe le donk... this meant coming out of the ice house we would forever have a  known tripping place- with a lawyer on each side-- so i opted to have the 1" taper toward teh door...- about 18 inches by teh 30 inch door width.  how much water would that  area accumulate anyway-- furthermore teh ice house  is supposed to A... be waterproof... and B...taper toward teh very expensive floor drains.. mop and  move on...  except-- for some reason ...?? the overhead tarp???  water is getting collected and sent in that door... inches of it--- waterproof floor---?   just add a drop or two of chlorox and  wait til it drains out???   but that is 3 dogs standing on kuranda beds so they don't have to wade inteh several inches of water...
so this morning ... i must do 2 things tehre... study teh overhead tarp-- and find my concrete drill-- i have only one..... somewherer...-- because with semi normal rain-- i should be able to have a few drain holes  and let it go to under teh concrete pad which should be a big drywell thing...
that is plan "A"  for problem A
problem "B" is  beavers- - we are flooding ---- teh  nice path we have around that  stream-- it is becoming a lake
 due to a beaver operation  either on our land  or darn near the line.-- threr is a second beaver commiunity  down stream with another construction project . fact-- down stream from me.... neighbors yard ( septic system and well) are now covered. with water. ipswich  has sent experts ( from vermont yet)  out to expalin to me how my bunch of beavers is causing teh neighbors yard to be flooded --they want me to declare a health emergency so they can upset teh beavers--- while the beaver saving public tells me  "don't touch the beavers" .
. does this mean alabama can demand missouri  stem the flow of the mississippi  to save their fields?? 
my great love for paperwork tells me don't sign a thing.
it also tells me there is big trouble afoot.
** then megan comes in with stories of  king beavers--- very large and imposing-- who demand trees and  sticks without  consulting  the deforestation committee.
so this will be  the "on camera" projects of the day -- if i can find a cemetn drill.
here is a biggie !!!!  from scot and dash  who have a video of "making a message out of a mess"  which i think you can google somehow...a book coming out   in july     "knot today" 

Hello Carlene,
As per our conversation on the phone I am proud and honored to be able to do a book signing at dog fest on that Sunday. I will enclose a picture of the book. Right now you can find it on Amazon where it is being Presold for the electronic version on Kindle. The actual printed version of the book comes out July 4th. Janice Wheeler is the biographer who helped by taking this project on and making it a reality. 
This book has been a dream of mine Since I had my turnaround when I received my dash. You have no idea how much the service dog project turned my life around. Dash Has it still continues to play a very pivotal role in my life. We have done numerous speeches all around the Northeast. We are changing lives six legs at a time. This would not have been possible without the generosity of the service dog project and all the volunteers that follow. So with all that being said it is with great pleasure that I want to tell you that 10% of all proceeds on the book will be donated directly to the service dog project. Thank you for helping me turn my mess into my message. 
The name of the book is “ Knot Today “ . It’s my story. Raw but real , sad but inspiring. 
Thank you again , love you guys from the bottom of my heart , 
Scott Aubin and Dash