Tuesday, July 2, 2019

july 2 2019

  marketing.......a huge problem around here is defined by  the fact that .....
i bought a set of drill bits for my electric drill-- which for one reason or another i use abotu daily--- and i broke teh 1/4 inch dirll bit -- tehn used teh 3/8 inch til it wore out-- then used teh  3/16th slightly sideways til  i broke that... now my set which cost $20 was minus the 3 i uswe most often,,,   i could buy teh individual sizes that i broke...those are $6.99 each and fill out my nice set--- however it makes sense  if i buy teh whole set again for $20 -- except i wll break those same sizes  again-- but will have a growing collection of brand new bits for which i have little  use.--now think of how this has been happening for years-- and you will understand why i have a tool shed crammed with  very useable stuff... if i should need it or  just find it.

i have long believed if i pay a worker to do a project around here-- i am paying for teh education of how he/she does it... it then becomes economical to buy the necessary equipment and do teh next one myself--- even if i hardly ever need to do it againl.-- to hire a contractor, you are only hiring a person with a phone who calls people who then arrive with the proper equipment,.  that is a vey expemnsve way to go.

for teh donkey cafe... i called teh peopel who sell concrete in those big trucks-- and asked them who they used for the forms...-- 2 days later teh concrete was down and hardening;... if i had called a contractor, we would still be waiting for him to measure and fit it in his schedule./--- it is possible to call one of those concrete companies and say you would like 3.7 yards of concrete-- and they will say "we can deliver that between 2 and 3 today."  and they do.  you do want to be careful with teh math to order the correct amt-- because you are going to get  teh whole trucckfull wheaterh you want it or not.

dave barry ( humor  writer around miami) tells of his experience with concrete trucks and why he has a free form concrete glob in his front yard.
mo stepped on my foot--- well a glancing blow becasue if she stepped down with all 1800 pounds, i would have no              foot... -- she is not as much fun to play with as pockets- because she is learning she can walk into me with
her shoulder...  that may graduate her to janine's wedding display of retired draft mules just downteh road.
here is the official monkey fist definition from a seaworthy type--
In nautical use , the monkey fist ( tennis size ball made of rope approx 1/4 inch in dia ) fastened to a coil of again approx 1/4 " line. When docking a deck hand would cast the monkey fist to a dock side person who would in turn haul in the hawser to which the smaller line was attached. Not sure, but believe the core of the monkey fist was a steel ball probably golf ball size. I never made nor used one.