Sunday, July 21, 2019

july 21 2019
goldie is at it again...    goldies way of saying "come on now... there is a need-- will you just stop and think... i gave you 6 pieces of pipe  now use your head"  ----  the  6  pieces of  pipe were left here ( by chip thank you)  i never say no to gifts like that - because enough stuff around here i can accomplish things  i would never do if i had to PLAN--- so many times goldie does it for me/.
sun---heat--- kennels--- dark barn--- .....  we.. grace... have tried before to put up shade material- last year--  not totally successful-- so this year  --  between the 6 pieces of 8'long heavy pvc pipe and some tarps 16 x 20 -   now  8 x 20 bought cheaply by the boxfull ( by preparing teh 40 pieces of hay string in the air conditioned comfort of this room-- i think i may get them up very early today-- if i have enough  volunteer help early...----- i will get extra pipe across teh kennels to support the tarp til we get it tied in place...
i know i saw bud wandering around - wondering where to put  a very long piece of pvc that inadvertantly got glued together to be 16 feelt long-- that is the key to  putting this up-- thank you goldie

i am constantly  asked ----" what could you possibly want to keep this for"-- well,,, if nothing else, all this #$%^ could be the equivilant of a brainstorming session with people--  genius is so often accidental--   and we are really good at teh accidental part!!
i am very close to a hoarder-- especially hardware- and large pieces of dead trees...  all of this stuff  has been stored with the word "eventually" ..  
 of course there is teh 4 pieces of 10 foot long pipe in my toyota which i got  to repair the neigbors fence--- i will probably use that temp support in this shade project, then forget where it is, and have to go get more 10'long fence pipe--  that is life at crazy acres...  
i know weird things-- which i am happy to share-- like how to  put in grommets 
having cut the 16 x 20 to be 8 x 20  meant we have  2 10 ' sections without  some kind of holding device --  well the quickest is about a 1" pebble-- wiht hay string tightened around it will give you a good pulling place-- but  one of the thingsw i love to purchase is grommet kits--- i have more than a normal person would have...  so i showed joyce how to  grommet-- not difficult-- reinforced with duct tape.
anotehr thing is pipe cutting... you don't need blow torches and saws for  teh shortening of pipes... a funny little gismo  that fits inteh pal m of your  hand, will evetually cut alot of pipes-- it comes in huge sizes too for heavy iron etc...  -- but for up to 1.25 "  of the light galv pipe, it is perfect/  i wish i knew abot that when i was a kid -- i could have put all sorts of pipe things together .
goldie is hurrying me-- it is getting warm.