Monday, July 29, 2019

JULY 29 2019
t was logical that i was wandering around the yard with  visitors yesterday in pj and slippers....  i had already  taken 3 showers- and proven i can not bend and twist to deliver puppies in tighter blue jeans-- so a combination of pj's and  nurse's scrubs it was... i am sure the church group were politely shocked.. 
gabby started  contracxtions at 4am and the last was born about noon--  thaT WAS ABOUT 12 POUNDS OF PUPS AND 24 POUNDS OF RELATED GOOP.... HENCE THE SHOWERS...

it was different...  gabby had the first int he prepared nursery and carefully cleaned it up....--- and teh rest... somewherre else-- teh kitche, teh front yard-- where she just left them for someone else to clean up and get back in the nursery.. like "ok, i will deal with one--- the rest are up to you.."   then #9 got stuck for ?an hour?  befoe i  donned a glove- with george's advice-- i didn't pull-- but i sure held on and did not allow it to go back in after a contraction/-- it was doa---  but the one behind it was fine...

let me tell you, it is crowded in there--   there are mommy's various bones to get round... that 9th pup was  presenting head first( usually a couple of feet) so i called george who assured me it wold probably come along with some encouragement-- and it did- getting out of the way for the last pup-- which was fine and healthy
so we have 8 girls and one boy.  also-- we have 6 pretty identical black with white necks-- and 3 "others" 

and now we wait on sizzle----
i got this note from mr moon...  who thinks tina and i are in the pet products business---  but interesting... and all his informaton if any of you want to order in bulk from china-- it certainl is cheaper than buying here-- because it just means someone else got it from mr moon ( or someone else in china) 

Dear Carlene and Tina,

Have a nice day!

It seems almost 1 year no new requirements from you side. Are you still on business of pet products?

Or is there any problem so that you change supplier?

We sincerely to working with you and would like to hear any feedback whatever it's positive or negative.

Looking forward to hearing your news soon!

Best Regards,

Moon Zhang
Marketing Director

Company:Guangzhou Energy Pet Co. Ltd.

Address: Nanun, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Postcoade: 511442

WhatsApp:+86 13129390728
i will write---  i think we may have to re-order those "feedbag/tote bags",,,  so we really are getting away from plastic bags in the stores around here-- they are handy-- and i took a piece of foil insulation and made a  "sleeve" to keep  teh box of frozen peas   cold- along with my water bottle-- it is a handy satchel .

i must tell mr moon not to call it pet product----- ?you ready?--- last time it got held up because..... the department of agri has to open and ok the shipment if it is a pet producrt- but does not if it is a tote bag. 
gotta love govt regulations-- like making sure every nut has a  rapid fire rifle to protect us from garlic lovers./