Wednesday, July 3, 2019

july 3 2019

apparently clyde kicked at mo overnight...  i tried to look back and could not find it.. but there is a still shot where his foot is much higher than it ought to be... i don't know what or why--- i do know she was acting like she was in heat- which is still no reason for him to kick her...
teh reason i leave  both doors to th estall open to the  outside is that if the going gets rough they can just leave.-- what i do not understand is that after this kicking happened, she was back in the barn perfectly normal like,  if she was kicked to teh floor i don't see why she would walk back in- so there is alot i don't understand-- i will look her over this morning  for battle scars.. meanwhile ... rest assured  mo is not defenseless... she has 2 back feet also.  i also know clyde is fvery sensative to those big 1 inch grey flys that land on their kidneys and  that woulod  cause him to kick out... but not at her.  there aren't many of those... but i  tried to swat one yesteday-- so one is around.

where to start this book???  since pam got my smart phone to be a dictating machine- i have no exciuse..

i think for a running start- the fact that  i bought " the old farm" in lynnfield-- it had a  big barn- so i put one horse in it.  that evolved to be 14 horses 14 kids ( not all mine)  and a 4h club.  i quickly realized if i took my 4-h kids to the local fair, our mottley crew would be laughed out of teh "show ring" - besides if i put on the normal 4h horse show  we would have one happy kid and 13 angry  because they didn't win a blue ribbon. we had to do someething else-- which became our yearly "dog and pony show"  gratuitiously ???called a circus.

that gave me a bunch of "well used" animals- which i was able to volunteer to have used in the  ad for  the newly formed tufts vet school.  since ther was no otehr animal wrangler in new england,  that videographer passed my name around as someone who could/would handle  a variety of animals-  "give carlene a call"  became animal episodes and "the old farm" slid into the deductable catagory . facetiously i said i was in teh business of providing animals for ads and movies-- then all of a sudden... i was just that.

and then we can get  into job #1  

from my drawerfull of "job slips" which i numbered. the last bunch are in the 3402 range and the date  6/6/2003