Friday, July 5, 2019

july 5 2019

that 2 year old singing the national anthem is worth seeing...  if this "click" doesn't work, it is worth a google. she almost has teh words and almost the tune- which is better than alot of singers i have heard.
fans-- and my attention  to goldie's suggestions-----last night's 2am  nervous breakdown--   we have 2 fans blowing into the  horse stall you can see on camera-- i did see them being set up  and  told someone we shoud not run them til bud looked themover and maybe got the cobwebs out from last year.... i don't think he ever got that suggestion....   - then in passing bud asked me about hte $18 box fans in home depot-- suggesting  several new ones  every year might not be a bad idea. -- which i forgot  til 2am-- 

fact----- i can now  watch teh barn cameras on my bedroom tv-  

 fact-- bud  stopped me on the front porch  and said teh a/c of teh kennel ( a big whole house  thing in the feed room heat and a/c) in number 10 was not getting there very well- so maybe we shoudl get a $19 job to push air around  between 8 and 10.  i was in a rush to do the extra mail call at 5pm and it went in the back of my head.... until 2AM ---
fact--- udy brought a new thermometer and set it in kennel 10, i coudlo see that the temp there was 70 degrees... i then could not sleep---  why woudl we be  running those big fans at teh donkey stall if - without much a/c teh temo was 70 degrees -- and i got into a goldie moment-- why would bud talk to me about  barn fans on teh front porch unless it was goldie saying WAKE UP-- to have a dusty  unkept fan  hooked to the wooden rafters right over a big pile of hay-- was beyond stupid-- so poor grace  who was the overnight-- i went and asked her to go down and shut it off..  which she did.

these donkeys are wild animals who put up with  all sorts of heat and flys in nature.. we give tehm a lot- but we might have to  ask that they use their tails  for fly swishing---
someone also told me you can not easily push/move  cold air around  like you can hot air..  i don't know if they were referring to physical air-- or congress.
at any rate a breeze will be addressed-- mAYBE- BUT I AM NOT SURE THE $18 FANS ARE TEH ANSWER   OR TEH AGRICULTURAL FANS WHICH ARE  MORE LIKE $250
in teh meantime-- i listen to all the ads on tv about outdoor "events"   vs bugs in general-- and  my raw liver  plastic bottles far  out performs any otehr commercial ones i have tried... plus-- this year-- i dunno why-- maybe my aging nose does not perform as it ouce did.. but the bottles are filling with flys faster than the rotting smell of teh liver-- there  23.7 oz poland springs bottle with one chicken liver had 3 inches of black dead flys without producing the rotten stench- so i just threw those out and put new bottles down teher-- ( and i have rebagged teh 1 pound of chicken livers  in prep for more replacements)- i hear someone cooked and ate some for lunch-- not a problme
 volunteers----  tehre is so much around here that gets done by teh "standard purple shirters"  and teh "  almost purple shirter " -
i came to sunday sanday last saturday with 8 rolls of toilet paper  in the middle of teh driveway..  i commented on how nice it was of her to supply toilet paper-- and she said "i have been doing this weekly for the past 8 years..!"
  there is more of this around here than most people realize....   teh "shoe fairy" that notices when my shoes are getting worn- and sends me a pair -- to the karenda bed menders....  there are soo many--
------talk about ships that pass in the night ....