Tuesday, October 1, 2019

oct 1 2019

 where to start--
thanks to all who sent good birth day wishes--  i am thrilled to get thru september  2019...
on the positive......-- we had a great dog fest and added  more states to the cake list... i don't know about  ADI until they have some meeting or other in november.
we start october all healthy again.. ( or i have not heard any problem.....yet...) it was a rough haul- but thanks to megan and her stamina, we made it.... so we move on...

My birthday-present for you: I've ordered a cake for the firefighters in Ahaus, where I'm working. Last friday there was a fire in the company where I work and the fire brigade has fast extinguished the fire. The damage was low but they saved 30 families wage and bread. Also of my family.
And so I will deliver a cake to them on the next 19th of the mounth. With the Cake-Flyer. I hope, I'll get some more SDP-friends and Brick-Buyers.


good one jutta !! 
 that has fewer calories for me to have to eat..
 there is a 4 pound can of fudge i am struggling to get consumed...
i think fudge is just chocolate, butter, and sugar- i can't see why anyone would add anything else.
i have started trying to work 2 dogs a day-- certainly won't hurt me to try that form of forced exercise...

i don't have any stroke of brilliance--- except-- from gwen-- she called at 4am- she too is a very early riser-- she tells me there is a thing----ups--  that will keep your electricity running for a few minutes until your auto generator kicks on so yoru computers do not shut down'

somethign like   ups.... uninterupeted power supply??

so i am off to ebay to discover that..