Thursday, October 10, 2019

oct 10 2019

too many days -- too little sleep--so here is a cut and paste

Rizz just celebrated her 2nd birthday on a cruise ship. She is handling the new conditions like a pro and has even learned to use the litter tray to relieve all new meaning to “poop deck”. This morning she rode an open tender to go ashore like this was something she does everyday day. 

Being a Navy sailor, I have always loved being aboard ship, but this is something I could not do without the help of a service dog, because even with a cane the rocking of the ship would’ve constantly thrown me off balance. I am so appreciative of what Rizz and the SDP community have given me!

I know you and the trainers were concerned with her ability to be around other dogs, but no need to worry. There are dogs everywhere in Quebec and Rizz was so focused on keeping me up right, walking on the cobblestone streets, that a box car of barking beagles could’ve passed us and she wouldn’t have noticed! ( she is always good around other dogs anyway). The picture below is Rizz taking me up the L’Escalier du Casse-Cou, which translates into English as the “break neck stairs”.... fortunately, because of Rizz, no necks were broken in the taking of this picture.

I met a lady from Florida on another cruise ship, that said she was affiliated with ADI. She asked me where I got Rizz from and I told her from SDP. She said that Rizz was a real testament to the quality of the training facility- Of course I already knew that!

Thank you for the gift of being able to live my life to its fullest!      Heidi

 Nowadays, it seems like anything is rude if it contradicts what someone wants to hear.