Monday, October 14, 2019

oct 14 2019
  • Last night's tv-- a special on teh zanax  valium crisis..."Benzodiazepines are the second-leading cause of prescription drug overdose deaths after opioids----- " they had actual victums-- who were people who started on the tranquilizers and found they could not get off them- doctors just kept refilling the script. one of teh biggest pitches was-- don't try and just stop without help----- the news article showed people who had formed group-s in hospitals to try and reduce/stop taking them--  it is not a simple matter --- one woman was tryjng to reduce her intake 1%  a day-- and that was extremely difficult.. suicide is happening...
  • this after i  asked my primary care for some advice  for insomnia-- and she suggested melxxxxx whatever as harmless -- over the counter- i mentioned this to judy ( super sunday cook of fattening deserts) and judy told me she tried melxxxxx  once and in the morning her feet were on teh pillow, head over teh end of the bed and no idea how she got that way.  that did not stop me - i figured a fluke--- so i took 5mg last night- and  at midnight i was in a courtroom with a judge - in black robe-  being tried for  espionage -- teh courtroom was divided like you do at weddings with teh brides family on one side and grooms family on the other-- i am happy to announce all my cp friends were on teh left side-- and when asked to sign a statement to the fact that i did not have time to plan any espionage-- every one signed a piece of paper with all different colors of ink..   inspection of my messy car got in it somehow... 
  • so whatever that stuff is... it is not trouble free... and over the counter.  if i try it again , i might try breaking it in half  -- maybe  2.5 mg would be helpful./
  • i do feel relatively alert today--
  • but that is like the age old question "do you tell the truth?"   there is only one answer to that question.  i might be so encumbered that i don't know i have gone round the bend... 
  • maybe  roadshow judy  ought to drive today.   we  are needing to actually go round to the places we intend to take teh google techs--  tehre is a huge difference between adult day care-- senior centers, ---assisted living --and nursing homes. it is the lock on the door.    day care and nursing homes you are locked in. even visiting those places i have a problem with that... you need a password to get out... and my experiences with passwords is not a successful one.  i can see a fire breaking out and the little button thing saying "  please enter your childhood friends name, and i will  send your password   to  the  governor of  Hawaii" 
  • i was all organized with 6 places to take the google bunch-- wheen i began to find out  there were "strings" of ownership[- so to get a variety of places to go, we need to do a bit more investigationg..  there is also a big difference in th prices charged for the day care-- some i would happily move into tomorrowe-- with my 61 danes---   the otheres i have trouble even visiting...  so we need to get a variety.    and get permission to  try this getting explore cameras on the smart tv's that are sitting around  not even turned on.
  • what is also amusing is ont of teh places is sponsored by teh cummings foundation-- from whom we would love to get  sponsorship ourselves...-- and i considered approaching for  "IT  " help---
  •   that is the day in review.
  • ****
Good morning, Carlene.
You are spot on...I didn’t realize just how uncomfortable my upper body was using the forearm crutches until Bellow and I were matched.  With Bellow, I am able to walk more in a natural position vs. the crutches which just helped me walk albeit out of proper alignment.

A heartfelt thank you for your curiosity and drive to problem-solve, bringing your vision of SDP to fruition,
Cate & Bellow