Saturday, October 26, 2019

oct 26 2019

a call late last night-- there is a filming  in mancheser today that wants 2 danes and 2 puppies...  which we do have

i don't do many of these any more-- but when they call for great danes and have check in hand i can not  refuse..
just as janine will still do horses and donkeys-- probably goats too by nowl

i am going to need help with 2 puppies..

 i will take sizzle and her 2 so maybe she can keeop them under control
i don't know what they expect them to do
i never do
 because whatever they expect 94% of teh time they change thier  minds...

megan woudl be better but she has otehr plans.
 so i aqm waiting for the first volunteer to come thru the door.... usually at 7...
maybe meatcutter steve???????  he iis usuall here by tehn
 load at 7:15 and down drive by 7:30 to get tehr before 9
pipes are up in teh training room  rafters...
 ready for some tall person to  lift and hang about 200 coats all organized by size and color.
for recipients and volunteers...  not for selling... thank you  ingrid and disney !!
teh grey coats are very like teh old navy "P" coats.