Friday, October 4, 2019

oct 4 2019

the idderod winner was disqualified after one of his dogs died of aspiration pnemounia just  2 days after the race .. in spite of being flown to ankorage.  this is teh  same result we have so far on lilly's autopsy.  they did offer to send teh culture and sensativity to cornell to look for a specific details- which will take a few days... i did ok  the cost --- about $500--- and we should get an email result in a few days. the tufts vet said no sign of "dog flu" or such. a huge relief--

 i was not happy with september of 2019..  if it had been some strange dog flu  we would have had to go thru all sorts of quarentine and publicity  right in the middle of dogfest and ADI inspection.. with growing puppies  confined  while trying to be teenagers in the kitchen instead of on puppy hill.

so far   october   2019 is looking better.
i am going to try and learn one new thing a day--- yesterday i learned  how to turn up the lights on my car's dashboard lights so i may not get so close to running out of gas because i can not see the dials  !!  very exciting-- tomorrow i may try the windshield wipers.
my sequoia-- lovely car-- perfect for sdp between towing that very heavy dump trailer-- plowing snow- and being loaded with  bags of concrete it leads a tough life... but exceedingly useful and forgiving.
when i bought it, and tried to drive it home,  the tires on it were teh kind which have darn little tread even when brand new--- so i changed tehm the first week i owned them -- to knobby mud/snow tires-- teh 4 smooth ones are in the garage still - ? could be great dane chew toys???
brilliant idea for teh day--
1. we-- or at least  "i" -- am trained to think anything that goes thru the dishwasher must be clean..
2.  the reason i don't so readily  reuse plastic bottles in general is  they are difficult to clean with soap and water.
3.  if  dishwashers were required to have one slot where you couold  invert some of these  plastic bottles ( of all kinds)  to get soaped and rinsed like bartenders do...  there a an infinite number of things tehy could be used for--- like more water.... or fill with sand for a  bowling ball yard game...
since the pupps are being run back and  forth to puppyhill and barn,,,, i am asking evryone to park outside the gate--- teh driveway is wide einogh to have handcapp parking on one side-- everyone else into t he oparking pit.   th eproblem being as cars come in -- they have burning hot mufflers underneath-- and with pups runnign all over , i am afraid one will dart under a newly parked car and get hurt...-  anyone moving pups will then have o0nly to check with me to see whan i last used my car.- which is not often.  if the hood is cold the muffler is. otherwise we get into a situation "anybody know who's black car that is in the handicap parking spot..? could tak an hour to figure that out... and inhiibt moving pups as too much trouble.
Hi SDP: 

I have been away from the cameras most of the summer busy working at my job, tending to my yard and house and spending time with my mom who has been in a nursing facility with Alzheimer's for the past few years. She recently passed. I am grieving and finding little joy in much of anything right now, EXCEPT watching the beautiful new Dane pups! What a good looking litter and what a joy it is to watch them. I actually find myself laughing out loud. The cameras are wonderful! Thank you. I still hope to make the 2 hr or so drive up to your farm for a visit on open house day, assuming you still hold it. I counted 11 pups and thought there's 11 potential people with mobility issues who will be helped one day in the future. I must say the pups with the light and dark shades of grey, and black, against the white canvas are absolutely stunning! Truly a work of art! MaryAnn  RI