Thursday, November 14, 2019

nov 14 2019

GOLDIE  --- our Ghost Of the Lefthand Drawer-  is at it again.  quickly.... for newcommers
**  fact #1...out of the clear blue my top left drawer had a horrid stench-- of unknown origin..  was there for 2-3 ? weeks  in spite of dawn, lysol, chlorox, all teh way to annisett liquor.  
** fact #2  just when i had given up.... just as quickly as it came-- it was gone for no immediate reason.
** fact #3- things appear around here- dozens- most noteably - one day at amil call...  i got the idea of having frying pans so people did not hand feed the donkeys and i talked about it- within  10 minutes  i opened a package with 2 purple fry pans.  i would have to consult the cmaera people to remember some of the many others... except....
last week-- - while looking over some german bloodlines -before i bought the 2 pups- out of the clear blue- i got worried about cleaning fluids-   -- and how one never mixes chlorox and amonia and lives to tell about it. i ripped and tore into that product-- with labels-- ok it was useful in veternarian situations  but i was worried about who might combine it wilt any other-- did all our volunteers have "proper instructions about the use of xxxx" i was clearly quite neurotic about it for at least an hour. 
  today... in the news-- in andover--all of 4 miles away- a man died from mixing cleaning fluids  for the floor in a restaurant  

OK GOLDIE-- I GOT THE MESSAGE... SO  I WILL TODAY... LOCATE TEH VARIOUS PRODUCTS And put warning labels on them--  we do use cholrox -- and that is  one that  causes death when mixed...  so this "new" product  may well be harmless when used properly,    what happens when a volunteer gets creative and tries to be helpful-- so Goldie-- i am on itl;.
100 years ago someone decided teh rats were a problem in the barn...and brought in some rat poizon not realizing that a dead or dying rat is a chew toy for a dog...-- clean healthy grain fed rats are  a fact of life in neartly every barn- especially as we get into winter when they move in from the 1000 acre forest behind us.   we do have a video of an owl catching one for it's dinner... in teh goat stall-
if they get too prolific  we do result in using  snap traps--  tehn quickly putting them in the freezer so we can becoem  teh FROZEN RODENT DELIVERY COMPANY--- for teh  raptor rehabilitators in the area.

So be careful what you defrost out of our freezers.