Wednesday, November 20, 2019

nov 20 2019

 please let me clear up one thing---no---   i am definitely not a  man hater..  i love men... sometimes not always the one society thinks would be proper... but i sure haTE THEM IN THE WORK PLace--  remember, i am of the age where... as a 15 year old i was carefully taught to iron a mans white shirt-- because " someday i would have to"-- that was well before i put the stove out on the street with a free sign  to eliminate the concept of kitchen and cooking. now with door dash  delivery the production of food is even simpler.

 i thought this was an interesting  life story email i got re  stubborn and strong

Thanks, Carlene. By the way, I thought your discussion of "negative nest" in yesterday's DD was dead on. It baffles me how people can be so...stupid.
I also related to your "only" discussion. I am 70 years old, and a retired attorney. I started practicing law (in Alaska, where I moved from Denver, where I went to law school, in 1975; grew up in the midwest - Ohio; went to undergraduate school in Minn and at Cambridge U in England, so I enjoyed reading elsewhere about your studies abroad). I was raised by a father who was a teenager during the Great Depression, his father went bankrupt because he owned a grocery store and let people have food for free, and then died of a heart attack when Dad was 18. His mother was a school teacher and raised he and his sister, who became an RN. Dad joined the  Marine Corps, but was never able to attend college for financial reasons. My mother was an RN who did not work outside our home after she married Dad, and my sister and I were born. 11 months apart! (so I relate to Terrie and Millie because we were then growing up inseparable, and we are still best friends even though we live thousands of miles apart and have very different life styles). Dad and Mom raised my sister and I to believe we could be whatever we wanted to be (as long as we went to college; my sister briefly flirted with becoming a flight attendant, which at least at that time did not require a college degree, and my parents put the kibosh on that idea). He thought us to hunt,m fish, ski (we lived in the country, surrounded by farms). Our relationship somewhat frayed during my college years as I became a bleacher radical, protesting against the Vietnam War, and Dad was a diehard Republican as well as a former Marine. We could not even make it out of the Cleveland Airport parking lot without starting to argue about something political, as my mother shook her head.
Anyway, I was living in The Last Frontier, where there were a surprising number o female attorneys, but the male attorneys were not enlightened. Neither were the judges. They would enter the courtroom and address the attending counsel as "gentlemen". We raised enough of a ruckus to end that conduct. We were not treated as equals in law firms though I did attain partnership in record time. Clients were not always comfortable with their attorneys being women and often rudely disdained us in our presence. I was able to blow them off with the support of my partners, fortunately. When I became General Counsel at a large electric utility, I was completely ignorant about electricity and engineering. I was surrounded by engineers - electrical, mechanical, civil. They think differently than normal people. We had to learn to appreciate one another's value to projects. One of the chief engineers was from Germany, having grown up in what was East Germany, and she became and still is a close friend. She is 80. She and my teeth ground whenever we were referred to as "lady engineer" or "woman lawyer." We refused to join organizations that were so titled. We were, respectively, an engineer, or an attorney. Forget the labels. We were and are both stubborn and strong minded. Our opinions were often discounted as most of the other management employees were men. And we had opinions about things which were not necessarily in our areas of expertise but nonetheless felt we were entitled to express our point of view. 

Have a great day. I love what you do. I read and watched videos about SDP on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter tonight and into the wee hours  ( I have a circadium sleep disorder so my sleep schedule is completely screwed up, even given the four hour time difference between Alaska and Massachusetts) and was brought to tears as I frequently have been with the stories about your clients/recipients, as well as with laughter over some of the faces of those dogs, and their ridiculously funny behavior!
Best wishes for the day,
george ( teh dvm.... not the dog)  is due here  mid morning to give an opinion on gabby and ?in heat? neither bentley or walter are thrilled to have her visit  -- which you realize they would not be  intensely  fascinated until about day 8 or 9  but they should be at least curious early in the heat cycle.

she had  the disney pups aug first.. so it is abnormally early.