Monday, November 25, 2019

nov 25 2019

there are 3 sizes of stonyfield yogurt drinks-. this is  hardly earth shattering news...  smallest- child size has only 3 swallows of fluid--- perfect for pill popping--- the other 2  are  larger-( obviously - if that is the smallest) in my obcession for not throwing out like items -- this amounts to strange collections... as i strip off teh label and line up these very white containers i realized they would be  a perfect chess set  if filled with some sand and cleverly decorated.. well i have the sand-- but  i am minus teh clever part-- so if there is anyone out there-- it would be an interesting chess set.. and i am beginning to have a few chess sets.. if only.....

 they are plastic---
that awful indispensable product that is clogging our oceans... i get a kick out of --"medicare will be out of money by 2033-- "  ---hey wake up guys--- we will be out of  breathable air and drinkable water 2 years before that

  at night i watch engineering disasters-- being at night , i may not have the details correct--- but.. in the mining of something-- humans created a huge cavern underground 300 feet floor to cieling-- for a very long way-- then someon up there on the surface  of the earth  miscalculated a drilling near a lake-- and teh entire lake and nearby river made a huge whirlpool and filled  that cavern with a great deal of  confusion.
tehre is... a building in london whre teh reflection off the windows melts  teh plastic of  any car  parked in one spot.
boston has it's own "glass building--? the prudental tower? wher when the tall thin building sways, it loosened 500 pound  panes of glass- so they all had to be redone..  to  huge gyroscopes on teh 34th floor to stop  some otehr  building from swaying- as it seems every city in t he world struggles to have the highest/ tallest/ most unusual.....  
you get to dubai with it's snow covered ski slopes inside a building ... built on the sand

someone had something to say about  "he who builds his  house on sand better have a plan "B" 
this computer is going wierder and wierder and i fear some day it will bite the ghost and i will have to find another way to write this so hang  in

i better line up  a computer "plan B"