Monday, December 2, 2019

dec 2 2019
snow storms make for late daily doggie... i have to get out and get the staff and volunteers room to park----the usual is called the parking "pit" whch smacks of uphill to get out of it.. and that  certazinly is possibel, but very exciting with tractors and trucks doint the pulling.

ther could be 2 improvements--- undo teh electric gate and tie open( carefully replacing the cotter pin because littel pieces of metal and snow do not mix well....)   and then there is a window brush--- i did give one swipe with an arm- and then plowed with 12 lateral visabilitgy-- and i didn't hit anything-- but that could present a problem-- other than that it was easy.

i did get the  "at 82 you have no business.. yatta yatta yatta"   i will address that concep-t only  after i have hit 3 objects in the same snowstorm.   

with proper organization, i have a 20 foot walk in whatever dropped ( snow/slush.. whatever)  and into my remotley heated car  which is a super luxury for me-- days of not even having a cab on teh tractor, while   wrapped in moving blankets   which only had a bucket-- them days is gone-- hopefully as i sit in heated comfort-- with   the gizmno in my lap, teh plow can be tilted eiter direction-- another super luxury  from the  tractor bucket which only pushed straight ahead...
so instead of  freezing  in a blizzard, i sit and say to myself,  button to lift plow,  lever for car revearse -- button for angle, button to drop--lever forward  to push snow around into piles to be dealt with by anyone who thinks tractors are funj...  the one with the cab is alot funner than the smaller one.

do not ever try and sneak behind me  while i am plowing   --- i do not look--- i have enough to do with all teh buttons... next week i will try and play christmas music as soon as i figure out thowe buttons/;****
the big  disaster of the morning was teh coffee pot got ornery-- i did get one cuppwa-- but it pointed out, we have no plan "B" for coffee making.  now that is could be a disaster.
thus proving once again , with all the modern machinery  there is no reason a woman can not operate teh heavy equipment......  the mechanical problme of the day was teh #$%^&* coffee maker.
that is a nice car--- janine borrowed  it to pull the trailer to a dn from the  horse aucton in penna... and said it was such a nice car that she could have bought a couple draft horses ( 2000 pounds each)  happily she did not---unhappily in that world you are buying horses by the pound.  she can save more smaller ones.
moving on...
 i think i am finally done with the turkey and ham breakfasts-- which were such fun for a while-- but were beginnign to get to me.
food--- that blount chowder company---  i ordered chowder that was avail in 3 days ( i am pretty sure)  the money for the 16 pounds of bagged chowder has been taken from my checking account- so it  may be coming... but everthing else on that site is now on 3 weeks delay--- i was ready to fill the freezer with beef stroganoff--   they must be taking the holiday off... i hope my chowder arrives before january... that wsas good chowder.

it is snowing again.... but keagen is due here -  young kid-  he can do the difficult  places.
since charlie's generosity had   influenced teh shatupon bricks, i figured it was logical that his contribution be assigned to  the remaing bricks to give us our "sold out " --- then darned if he wasn't a runner up when the hen did her thing. 
cp's  fyi

When you were a kid, bank interest was at 5% on your savings account and a notary signature was free...