Wednesday, December 25, 2019

dec 25 2019
teh days between christmas and new years are "the lost days"  every year 
 these are my UNTIL... days... 
  i will just  use my wa;lking stick to prop open teh garage door until i  move teh 2 x 4 from my bedroom where it is  being used to hold a door open until i fix teh hinge    -- for which i will need my tool box which is  on teh porch until i find a place to recharge my drill for which i will need the short extension cord which someone borrowed to plug in the tractor' block until.........  the "strings of until" aroujnd here are endless..

i try never to voice an opinion obaout politics, or religion, but i have to here... 
thank God for the jewish folk who seem to resist the marketing influnece
 of the  advertising agencies.  i have been hearing christmas this 
and christmas  that since halloween.. -

 all right   so i am bad...
 so who started this dead tree episode?? .... all set with electric wires.
rush out-- quickly--- get on the road with all the other drivers and go somewhere and buy something.

i have been thinking... since 4am......
so what do***** I ****need????--- ***I*** as in me first.....  i need someone to help me orgainze what i already own...
for openers.........teh milk cans.

in teh process of buying  "things" once deductable because i would at least say i would use them in the commercial buisiness.. 
[you know that business i so quickly  throw under teh nearest bus....]---    i own 3 milk cans-- you know teh 24 inch tall milk carriers no longer used- probably because of sterility issues..  they make "perfect   perching places" -   technically, since the kone elevator electruction, both bentley and i have had a problem with stamina...- i can walk  a dead line of 30 or 40 feet, but tehn i have to perch on something...  those milk cans as  properly placed  perching places would mean i could go down to and into  the  75 foot long  barn much more often... i am sure that woudl thrill our  barn managers haley and shana-- but i wolod like to see what exactly is going on.  it might be helpful... maybe...
i don't even know where tehy  -- the cans-- are-- 2 of tehm-- teh stainless steel one ( my favorite) is in teh donkey viewing area-- and teh black one  too... but the blue top shorter one is gone.. it also had ice in it at some point so the bottom  is rounded making it useable but unstable for use in  the stable/

that rounded bottom needs some serious pounding to become a useful member of  this farm... i will not get into the rearing of children here-- tho the connection is direct...
and then thetre is my scotish walking stick  which would be much easier to carry in the car than the transferr chair which is also there...
the chair is in  my car.. held in place with hay string until i get around to making a piece of rope/ a ring  --  teh correct legnth to be more useful.. 

there is that-- until-- word i have made a brave attempt-- 
today   dec 25, 2019   
i have a collection of warshed  small stonyfield  yogurt drink containers being saved to make a chess set until i get enough of teh correct variety-- 
now some overnighters   who are kind enough to make me a cuppa in th morning are sometimes stingy with the sugar-- so this morning.... i got one of thsoe small plastic  jars and drilled a hole in the top with my drill.... i  am now teh very proud owner of a sugar dispenser of my very opwn on  my desk.

just goes to prove this jug may never become a pawn  in with a group of other like pieces of a chess set, but it still has a very useful and cherished position as my sugar dispenser.

that is only the start--- i have  6 more  days to make significant changes and improve the  "untils"