Tuesday, December 3, 2019

dec 3 2019

short doggie---
 got to get the driveway open so staff can get parked somewheree... worked well yesterday-- i did the straight run and push piles-- then keagan came in to re organize teh piles  with the tractor,  into  teh drainage downhill kind into the streeem/pond..

well today at least i have a broom in the car so maybe i can see- 
my big concern is  cold.... i know why people move south...i fear teh cold----i don't fear teh quick sprint to my car which has a great heater... i fear losing heat in the house- until i realized i could fit 3 adult dogs 6 puppies and me in my  nice heated car. and take us somewhere else...

we have not got the fireplace going well enough lately...- once we get teh big stone chimney heated up, it would help --- but that was not operational last night....  budddddddddd.........i think  time has come to get teh firee going and keep it going til july 2020.  wood is all piled up time has come;.  and we do have fire startteres--

for the newcommers...  at dogfest one year- i had a fire all built with a pot of watrre hanging over it to boil corn, and i askedd 2 camera people who  were standng by if they would start  the fire--  both- in unison-  whipped out  thier cell phones to ask how to light a fire.. just as  meatcutter steve ws going by-- he said he saved his dryer lint, stuffed it in the empty toilet paper roll- and that made a perfect fire starter.    that story haqs lasted... which is why on a weekly basis , i get about a dozen toilet paper rolls stuffed with lint,   sent to us to start fires...