Wednesday, January 1, 2020

IN WHICH END OF TH BATHTUB DO YOU SIT?   the question is just for statistical purposes- however.....the history of the question  is the difference in education i recieved  in Scotland  vs college in maine. 

Gwen, Elizabeth and ii lived in Mrs Turners boarding house for 7 young ladies who were going to "the Edinburgh  university"..  . Now because we were allowed one TUB bath night a week, we were inclined to pull teh shower curtain and laze about while others used whatever else they had to use.---- early in teh year, i was horrified to  observe that elizabeth, my official roommate, sat in the end with the  drain. !  this to me was a whole new concept- a bit of a shock...- being in a "foreign country" and not wanting to offend anyone, i quietly asked Gwen who said . " i sit with the taps at my feet... why?"  i explained that elizabeth sat the other way around- which looked strange to me.  Out of total respect for elizabeth and her intelectual capacity--- and in the interest of investigating something we did not  understand, we  talked it over and over... and over   .  Gwen and i completely accepted her  way of thinking... it was deeper,---- she could rest her head on the taps, --- and she like it. altho gwen and i were in the plurality -  we felt no compulsion   to change her way of thinking.... or even worse to  bully her into sitting at the other end  which we defined as "our" end. i am pretty sure she was quite  intellectually secure   being the one ... against  two, since cleanliness was the issue in the first place.  we continued that discussion for  the entire year... as teh "which end of teh tub"  was humouously   lined up with  many things....religion, politics, and bullying in general.
then i came back to colby for my senior year  where teh approach to any diffrence--- intelectual or otherwise---.was to be critical. you joined one group and were critical of any other-  there was no intellectual exercise  in  investigating the number of angels on the head of a pin. ( remember -- as a senior  i was still consumed with trying to spell those 500 words correctly -- on which my graduation depended... i think my parents boutgh  me a deploma--as it wouldr seem now.)

to continue with the end of tub discussion---in   teh  broadway show "at the drop of a hat"   there is some discussion about  who sits at what end of a tub...  so i wonder-- is there such a statistical group????

p.s.    i did get a letter from elizabeth about 20 years ago saying she has tried "teh other end"   and  teh sceneery is diffeerent  - she did not say if she  has continued there.. 
"you know more and more I love SDP (my addiction) -- one thing that I have noticed lately is that no matter who the dog is - every volunteer and staff stops what they are doing and pet said animal - I see it all of the time - dog walks up and hands go down to the dog even it they are not working with that dog. For instance I saw Olivia in the hall way of the kennels, dog walks by and hand goes right to the petting. Olivia never stops talking but just puts hand down. very impressive - it shows that everyone truly loves these dogs and never pushes any of them around - always loving on the dog. "