Tuesday, January 14, 2020

JAN 14 2020 
a leak !!!  along with NO HEAT  is one of the hugest problems we cfan have in a atmosphere of huge problems  hopefully it is a minor one which an be solved in the basement ...
 ustaqbeeeeeee  the water department had a meter in the cellar and the pipe from street to cellar was thiers.. then some harvard   business graduate came along and said " put the  meter out by the street then any problem after teh meter to th ehouse becomes th e homeowner's problem..  which is where i am at this time.

i have a history with water... house in lynnfield has a hand dug well -   wonderful water...we had a pressure tank then a pump-then to the amazement of the older people in town... our well went dry-- many came and said ours was tehe well they always came to when thiers went dry--they saw we were temp hooked to the town water -- so we dug a  long deep hole and hooked to town waterr
and the house burned down we lost the water and teh connection to the barn--
 so we dug a hole (has to be 4 feet deep here to avoid freezing...) pulled the pip to the surfaqce aqnd connected it to the barn by way of the house trailer we were living in.... except that was on the surface--- wrapped in miles of elect no freeze tape almost worked... so i covered it with horse shlt- and that kept us with liquid water til spring-- new house,,, etc,,,  etc....
then i moved to ipswich-- no town water--deep well to china--- lotsa drinkable  water  for quantity 
+ off the chart for every mineral  known to man..... but it smelled strange  .. and was brown-  one of my mandatory inspections by the usda was reported "failed" becqause th e inside of the horse's water buckets was brown-- until i showd them the inside of the dishwasher was brown too... in a really bad situation , you turned the water on and off by flipping the switch to the pump= worked for years... and then teh developmengts  of further property meant we had water on the street-- so we hooked up/.  and it has almost been wonderful--- if yu forget the time there was a loss in pressure-- which i excused as flushing the fire hydrants-- and forgot about it for a few days-- till i noticed a funny noise in the cellar by the incoming pipe
 we had a big leak 4 feet underground that had not surfaced == and we might not have noticed at all until i got the water bill of over $2000 which defined what the funny noise was inthe cellar.  could not dig and locate.. so we dug and put in a new pipe to the barn, laundry, and guest house  5 feet deep  ..
and here we are... a leak into the cellar..
all water wiil be turned off at 8:30 and we will pray...-
Dear Carlene, 
When I travel to foreign countries, I use a “know before I go approach” and research their accessibility laws. However just as it is in our country, the citizenry awareness of the laws and application may vary. I have been overwhelmed by the graciousness and consideration of the citizenry of Chile! While walking in a park yesterday, and reading the descriptive signage, I noticed this sign placed at wheelchair level that also had a Braille transcription and audio.

Such a difference between the meaning of the words “Inclusivo” (Inclusive) and “accommodation”. I wonder if the word choice it what makes a difference between how the handicapped are treated in our two countries. As a handicapped person in the US, I often feel as if people think they were doing me a huge favor by “accommodating” me both when I had a wheelchair and now with my service dog. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our country as “progressive” as we think ours is, would try to reach the level of “Inclusivo” in our attitudes in how we treat our disabled? 
Heidi and Riz

IN  CHILE ?????