Friday, January 17, 2020

JAN 17 2020
thank heavens for cut and pastes !!! this early morning only told of war in ancient Greece where mothers bathed their boy children ln
wine  to toughen them to be sent--- by order of some  old guy--- to war training at 7 years old and near certain death before 18..
whoa one minute-- does anyone else notice that leaves the old guy home with all the females who are producing all these boy  children which he is getting rid of thanks to some bickering with a neighbor.. i think this was long before artificial insemination of pre frozen sperm. 
the more things change, the more they stay the same.
which reminds me of some movie  where some  very pregnant woman  surrounded by her 13 children  bent over a wash tub washing diapers ----told a passerby "they all have the same father in heaven"  obviously before DNA
i better quit before i get into religion.
two absolutely perfect service dogs have left here lately--- and altho megan and crew of trainers  certanly desearve a lot of credit,  they really head up a team effort including  the 2 barn managerrs- haley and shanna
who get the dogs out exercised for a while before they "go out on a training run"-- and then there are the volunteers who keep the dogs sweet smelling by lugging piles of laundry between buildings as we cope wioth  a broken washing machine in one building and an ornery dryer in another...
there is nothing to demonstrate the teamwork better than the alarm---- "THE FOOD IS HERE" ....
everything stops and all hands on deck to unload and store teh 8 pallets of dry dog food in the shipping container... our SDP  bunch can stack and store a pallet in one minute 28 seconds... by actual stop watch..
most amusing was devin--- one of teh LITTLE WOMEN=== in her hollywood debut ---grab a 37 pound bag turn and toss as fast as the eye can see.which brings everyone back to the concept== it takes the whole team or the dogs would be minus teh very basics---
Hi Carlene!  

I apologize that it has taken so long for me to write to you with an update on Hoodsie and I.  We have been VERY busy since we got back home from SDP.  Hoodsie came home with me to my husband, my daughter and her Labrador retriever, my daughter’s girlfriend and our 2 cats.  He took it all in stride and demonstrated good manners and a healthy respect with the cats right from the beginning. 

Hoodsie loves to work and does a little happy dance and smile when I take out his vest and get him dressed.  He has been very patient with me as I bumble around with doorways and some stairs.  He has shown me that he is very capable of tackling any staircases and odd door configurations.  I was pleasantly surprised at how Hoodsie matches my pace whether it be in the city (NYC) and we are walking quickly, or on one of my slower, more deliberate days.  We have been in the city 5 times already and Hoodsie has become accustomed to the constant background noise, the lights, fire trucks, police cars, ambulance sirens, dog walkers with multiple dogs and crowds of people.  He has become a champion at making himself small in restaurants, cafes and coffee houses in the city, such that people are surprised to see him when we stand up to leave.  He is a pro at the elevators in various office buildings and I still chuckle when we are in an elevator, the doors open on another floor and people look in to see Hoodsie looking out at them.  I also get a good laugh when we are in the city and young children point and say “cow”…

Hoodsie is the sweetest boy and has a wonderful sense of humor.  He loves socializing with people and animals when he is not working and he brings smiles to so many faces.

I thank you and the entire SDP team from the depths of my heart for Hoodsie.  He has already changed my life in ways I could not previously imagine, and I look forward to the future with Hoodsie at my side.  

All the best,

Dear Family,
Just wanted to tell you how good you were to me a good loving home until you found my forever Mom and Dad.
I just jumped into my carriage to take a ride to things all new, but I’m not worried because I know my Mom and Dad will love me and take great loving care of me.
I’m so excited to have my first adventure and my parents tell me we will have many!
My Mama needs lots of help but I told her not to worry because I’m here to help her forever and forever.
I think I’m liking my Dad who I’ve just met and I gave him a big kiss because he wants to help my Mama too!
I think we 3 are gonna make a great family and team.
I’m leaving you but will never forget you.
All my love,
Lady Ribble