Thursday, January 9, 2020

jan 9 2020
  from an email today----"remember you are doing Gods work" ---  boy can i think of a bunch of photos of what we do around here that  is not as poetic  as God handing a dog to a recipient !!!!  appropriate today because i have 3 boys coming here--- from pike school--  who have a really ingteresting program-- groups of 3  ninth gradders get to pick a charity-- then go there and learn what it takes to do that charity-- then go back to the school and "present " it to a group of judges- and the charity gets $4000-
i really want to win that $4000.... just in principle--  mostly in honor of all the volunteers here who troop thru the woods and pastures  with 2 putty knives removing the  "used food" of teh 50 or so dogs who enjoy a wild run around those areas daily. 
megan does an absolutely super job- an extremely talented dog trainer- found her as someone's baby sitter 10 years ago... she has th e knack....and   teh  details in her head ( and phone) are incredible... but kudos  also to bud who unfailingly wanders around here being exgtremely observant and reading repair manuals so he keeps the place running-  without  bud we could not even get in the---often malfunctioning-- gate...  he has been around about as long as megan .  then most of all, we have "goldie" --- our GhostOf teh Lefthand Drawer--  who taught us "if ever you have a choice between  brains or luck, take luck."    who is responsible for giving us all manor of  things....and  advice... and probably megan and bud too.

so how do i explain all this to 3 teen age boys?   i could start with  the size of the project......   we get 9 pallets of Purina every 2 months.... 24 bags x 37pounds x9= close to 4 tons- which has to be "processed"  i.e. mixed with water  and got off the pro[perty somehow-- by  my favorite contractor....the dumpster guy.--
the line of thought which just struck is... last night at mail call there was a discussion  IPSWICH's new project...  composting-- doggie poo was excluded from the composting project---this   then turned to the topic of pigs-- or rather  a pig.. "lucy" which i had years ago for the kids circus-- mentioned in janine's book... what was  discovred, if we fed her grains- there was no Piggy odor  -- if we fed her  table scraps, which contained meat the stench was remarkable.  this caused a camera watcher to comment that doggy poo  has that distinct odor and takes 2 years to decompose- i could not help where it went next...  and asked teh vegitarians in our camera crowd.... so study this  odor project a bit more and give us a report.
the concrete people are here -- and starting today they will be epoxying the cellar into  a  useable area..

 was recently hospitalized for complications to a surgery I had. Pixie was once again complemented commended and beyond so impressed by everyone that came in her path on how well trained she is. I had to share with you what my dr said. Not 1  not 2 but 3 specialist could not believe that I’m still walking with how bad my left leg is and my MS is progressing. I have Pixie to thank for this to keep me out keep me out of a wheelchair still and you for my beautiful gift to keep on walking each step of the way. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. As I say if if I didn’t have Pixie walking with me side by side each day helping me keeping my legs going and focused I wouldn’t be where I am today and I’m that walking miracle. 

My drs where so impressed seeing us take steps together walking in sync and how she kept me protected from any harm from falling they said they never seen a SD so attentive and focused before on their partner. 

Thank you so much as I’m forever grateful 

Stacy &Pixie