Tuesday, February 11, 2020

feb 11 2020
new adventure.... janine  bought the cow.-- and it is a boy cow-- which would make that either a bull  or a more pleasent  ox ( as in oxen- a working type animal). now.... since she managed to buy what she thought were 5 girl goats -- which she had  "adjusted " and are now 5 friendly neutered "geldings"  i am sure she was so intertested in a very cute black and white  hump back looking bovine, i bet she never looked under to see what he might have hidden there...

i can not make too much fun of her... since i bougth  2 mini oxen to try and make them into a   "yoke" to go with the donkey hitch for the parades which financed my kids college tuition... they were awful--- my training them was q huge di8saster-  nobody wanted  them so i sent them to the local butcher before we got killed..  he called up and said he had 2 extra packagres for me... they were still bulls..
 back to new holland.....
when she called to tell me aobut it --- i said i did not want any cow in the barn... it changes the odor big time to have a cow in the barn...  the smell oif a horse stable is natural to me-- add one small cow-- and teh "flavor " of the place changes.   \ she chased it down as they were trying  to load it witt the beef cattle and outbid the "kill buyer"  and lead it  back over to the donkey pen  where she already had ? 3 pregos and 2 jacks...  some of which she  already has homes for...
apparently it has been someone's pet---or lived in some zoo... it is wierd looking but ? friendly? -- the photois around .. 2 significant horns  and a slightly too big pink blanket.. it looks like maybe 36 inches tall compared to the fence behind it.
dealing with that wore her out so she stayed overnight and expects to be home around mail call today...
this will be a whole new learning experionce for our cp's.. starting with, you have to get a permit from GOD to trsnsport a bovine  between states..  so it is parked at some quaerenitne situqation she has put togetehre with this "equine rescue network" until she gets the correct paperwork to have it trucked here by one of these ERN trucking types-- who ocassionally camp out here---  you all have seen teh 50 foot long  cowboy/  stock trailers that oicassionally sleep  here and leave at 4am  to get back to oklahoma by noon... or whatever.

fugen sent me this 
Zebus are the only type of cattle that lives in tropical rainforests. They can be also found in open plains. Zebus originate from South Asia, but due to their ability to survive in hot and humid environment, they have been easily introduced to the tropical parts of Africa and South America
The Brahman has a humped back, long, drooping ears and loose skin. Like the camel, the Brahman stores food and water in the odd- looking hump on its back. The hump is a deposit of fat. ... Brahman cattle are also called “Brahma” or “zebu.”

it certainly has a hump... but no drooping ears
so on we go to a new adventure.