Wednesday, February 12, 2020

feb 12 2020
i can find a  volunteer j0b here for just about any ability ( note the  dis)
last nigh the arrival of janine with the traioler load of rescued donkeys means
 starting today we need a carrtot slicer to sit around and slice big carrtots into "carrot quarters"
to try and help  these donkeys  with an attitude adjustment. having come from texas they apparently were wild... ???were???  still are  --- then herded into big trailers for the auction-- to be bought-- by teh pound-- by janine-- then ( this is the very ihnteresting part...)  faced with 6 wild donkeys and one trailer- she told an amish teenager that she would give him $20 to get them on her trailer. he struggeld and pushed finally lifting the ramp with donkey on it so janine gave him $40. 

 that   work exactly why i cherish my  lancaster county business directory.... "yellow pages" kind of book...(p.s..... davco advertising  89 north kinzer rd. 288  kinzers  pa  17535)  i spent alot of money on those chairs in th donk cafe... only to find they are 1/2 price from lancaster county-- i am sure that is where the  local store got them--- that is where we got all the chain link that the usda said i must have...somehow in that area of the country there are workers...

i forget why i needed to find a  local company  that constructed/made.. something.  factory kind of thing.. and there are't any..all these big buildings are for insurance companies, data processing.. lighter than air kind of product... nobody really does anything.  " ?sweat"?   only during packaged exercise/ bicycles that  should be hooked to a generator.

 i look at all these fitness places and think-- why are they not hooked to the grid????

i am now in a hurry...
george called to say they need a blood donor at 7am.. so we have filled up bentgley and chaos with breakfast  and as soon as denis gets the horse trailer unhooked i will go with them.