Friday, February 14, 2020

feb 14 2020
diabetic /epileptic alert dogs... as with a lot of things... i do have an opinion 

basically many dogs learn to do this on their own,,,
 so ----   enter the  unscrupulous  entrepreneur  who  just hopes the dog is one to figure it out and charges $25,000 for a generic dog he just got out of rescue .  it happens... see the article below.

 lets start with   ?how do you train one?  where do you get your sample of someone about to have a siezure?  oh... i can hear the comments now....carlene  does not realize it is simple if you stuff cotton balls in the mouth of a  victum of seizures.. ..ok.... how do you know  1.  that the person with a mouth full of cotton balls is about to have a seizure...  and 2.  what makes you think  the scent of an oncoming seizure can be identified with saliva or breath?  
it would not take me 12 minutes to convince some of these people who are desperate for a solution to stuff all the cotton balls somewhere else..
did anyone try and see if that 3 for $10 oxygen meter sold on ebay had any relatgionship0 to seizure activity?????  same problem ... there is an awful lot of sitting around  to get the stats needeed for a conclusion.     

i am sure many... if not all  ...dogs can tell of an oncoming seizure.. but you need ot be able to read what the dog is saying to you.
that statement  is certainly  more accurate than the $25,000 malarkey  given out by these  opportunists who sell a dog trained to anticipate.... i just do not buy it.-----    go back to square  1  -- where do you get the subjects for training?  

a dog can be trained what to do  something after the seizure happens--- and then may or may not slide into anticipatiing. 
  there is a great picture of  george with his foot on bella- when she fell...  it would be wonderful to think we had 
trained him to do that.   the closest we can come to  taking credit for that is to say  we did not train  him not to do that. 
 he is one very educated dog.

i will suggest to bella.. that next time she  has time to sit on the floor with geroge... that she teach him to "talk to her.".. i.e.  bark...  which might help if she does that again.  i think i did hear of people walking  by her on the floor..  i guess  people need training too.

so if any of you  run into someone who says they will teach to anticipate-- have them get hold of me... i would love to hear what they have to say.

this click is a very ggod  example of the  whole problem

i wish i knew how to respond to that article. with the concept of "how do you practice" 
chef day--
 looking forward to the lovely smells of  an active kitchen. we will move teh cameraa...
on teh schedule is chicken ratatoullle...  salsbury steak....chicken questidellaand salmon with cvucumber dill suce..
and one nursing home  for firesticking.   janine and judy---  i will do just dogs...
and sizzle is not pregnant... it is a false pregnancy.. which seems to happen often...   she was inb heat  mid december which means if it was a real prego... she whould have a pup b y now...  but she is "nesting? !!