Thursday, February 27, 2020

feb 27 2020
i am off and running down the yellow brick road.... which is about wherre we face it.. we are the  world's experts on service danes...
 i need to protect us from  ideas forced on us by  people with funny letters after their names

this started because i had a job  applicant from a " dog university" in california- i have never understood why they get to  confer degrees on anyone-- or more specifically why  we can not?  who says we can't?? ???we are just... as teh wizzard says  “You’re a victim of disorganized thinking.”.. dammit
 we can put letters after our names too.... 
 so with that legal technicality  out of the way,   we as teh COLLEGE OF HARD KNOCKS ( who's colors are black and blue) could offer our first degree in  thinkology-- just like the wizzard of oz.... which would obviously have to go to bud...  so  it would be bud brown,SF,TH,.
 Megan as the super trainer would become Megan Kokaras,SF, ST, and  linda might become the SF, CD  ( calm dispenser)i would become ,SF, CH ( chef hirerer)  we will have to give this some thought.. mostly because we are the experts...    .  THERE MAY BE JUST a bit of "the valedictorian in a class of one" in this....  but bella and george have legitimized our existence. george is not the  only one... there are nearly 200-- there are no better danes than ours... or even  no better dogs than ours...
it truely takes a village... including the  truck driver who should get a TPU after his name... because without him... we are in deep doodoo.

anyone who has sent us the $10 for a chicken brick is entitled to have  SF... ( Shatupon Follower) after their names.  we need to work on the rest.
 we have some significant work to do

  Not to leave out  bentley  CGC,TD,SD  the tests he and sizzle --- have passed... cainine good citizen, therapy dog and service dog.  remember... there is a woman at the feed store who considers me a criminal for breeding a dog that does not have a CD.  .. AKC  Champion Dog,,

There is almost a gocd reason for the AKC logic---sorting out the more perfect specimins of the breed.... i know of people who have spent $60,000 "getting a cd "  on their dog-- because there are some very unusual rules  like different judges an dhow many dogs they  beat...  to help this along there is something about holding2 different dog shows on the same weekend so you get to gather points from 2 different judges without all the gas money.   i did it one better thn tht , and bought 100 blue ribbons for 15 cents each-  i had run too many horse shows to resist that simplification to the ribbon problem. i did win one dog show once- and just could not go thru that again.

german  reg..  has , i think, a more useful way...  on thier pedigree there is a number around 300 which is supposed to say how near perfect the dog is for the breed type regardless of who won what... ( i think)    SUPRA   who is sir richard's mother is 306.. i have never seen anything higher.. so i don't know what "top " is.

their pedIgrees also conatin hips A-B-C,D  they don't breed  "D" i am told.... plus ratings for elbows, hearts, entropian are usually on the pedigrees... in europe...

so let's join the lettered population...
  someone needs to design a diploma for us????