Saturday, February 8, 2020

feb 8 2020
i have never had an auto i had to “care for” before...along with all teh $100 vw’s i have driven, there was a ford bronco  which i found in teh woods when we stqrted to develope this place...
lost or stolen,   it had 3 year old trees in front and behind it-- so it had been there a while. we got it out of teh woods with  difficulty and  a backhoe- drove it for years til finally  with my daughter driving,   it refused to go forward- she managed to back it home-- with difficulty..

so when i took my sequoia in for an oil change and 50,000 miler....-- they did all kinds of “maintaninece”  it took 3.5 hours and cost $922-  i  never spent $922 on an entire car before...  but i love this car... i am still amazed---- i get in and turn the key and it starts-- no more parking on hills,   rolling around to start it... it is wonderful!!-------i feel extremely  fortunate.
 maintenence... what a different word..... eliminates duct tape too.
bud looked over the list of what they did and said nothing was bad - and  they certainly  did not undercharge for anything... but i got in... and it felt “happier”  with new belts and battery...
i like a happy car.
lots of cut’n paste
Eve has been ballroom dancing! She loves it!  He does not love the “dance floor” so much movement to keep track of!!      I wish I knew what Finn thought about this whole thing.   

‘ my girl is in danger - must help’  ‘ this is scary - please save ME Eve!’  ‘she  is so beautiful! I’m her biggest fan!!’  or    ‘Maybe if a I pay very close attention I can dance with her next time!”  ???? What do you think?
Both times now as soon as he sees her he jumps up. This time I had time to ask him to lay back down before she actually came on the floor. He downright refused along with a paw at me as if to tell ME to stop it. He has never done that. 🤣
Anyway Eve just LOVES this! As soon as we get in the car she always says “That was so fUn!!! She says she gets a little nervous right before but it goes away as soon as she gets in the floor!

your fyi of teh day ------ a nugents nugget

It is wise to question the quality of air in these bubbles. I would not expect the Corona virus to survive such an environment, but other pathogens may. Bacterial spores are one. Beyond that, it is possible that exhaust fumes, heavy metal manufacturing fumes or other toxins could be tainting the air of those bubbles. Everyday air pollution in China is said to exceed what is tolerated in the USA.  My advice is not to pop them. I'm very impressed by the question. I never though of that. 

Made me think of something from around 1968. I then had a paper route to pay for riding lessons at the now-gone 4 Acres Riding Academy in Lynnfield. Anyhow, one evening while doing my paper route there were swarms of Boy Scouts knocking on doors and selling golf ball-sized plastic balls which were filled with water. They came in different colors and the selling point was that they were meant to be frozen and used as re freezable ice cubes. 

They came in packages of 6 and lots of people bought them. They were somewhat of a novelty in the times of Cool-Aid, lightening bugs and hot summer nights. Trouble is, as water freezes it expands. (The positively charged hydrogen atoms are attracted to the negatively charged oxygen atoms and align to create a crystal when frozen. This is called "hydrogen bonding" and is a rare property of a liquid and makes water very special).

Many of these little water-filled balls cracked because of the water expansion. As they thawed in the drink, the packaged water was released. Trouble was, the balls were made in a foreign country lacking American standards and the water was contaminated. This caused an outbreak of infectious disease. Not sure which disease, but Typhoid comes to mind. That was the first "recall" I ever heard of. Was even before Ralf Nader
That's all for now. All the best to everyone, especially the canines and everyone whose life is better because of one.