Sunday, February 9, 2020

feb 9 2020
 now here is  trouble  of the first order... you all know i have zero medical education.-- having said that....i have 3 medical issues  to “put out there”.

on it was said one thing they were testing for this virus was low oxygination-- and i know a tiny bit about that...  that funny thing hospital emergency rooms put on your  third finger to check oxygen and pulse-- well i  bought some on ebay   3 for $10--with the batteries !!. i dunno why.. nor do i know why i happened to have one with me when i was in teh hospital  or ER/  whatever===  but i had teh opportunity to check the accuracy of mine against the big fancy one the hospital was using... and  mine was accurate-- well  --- let me correct that concept...  my 3 for $10  one agreed  with the hospital one. they both could be wrong... but teh hosp one allowed medicare to charge an extra $47 for it’s use...  plus the usual $2.78 FOR THE USE OF THE CHAIR I WAS SITTING IN..

for a variety of reasons-- appaarently bella ( of bella and george)  had maybe a pill adjustment pulse problem and  ended up sitting . on the floor at target with  george’s foot holding her  in a very touching photo..=so i went to ebay... and found... the price had gone up-- these oximeters are now  from $10 to $279 on amazon -- i did find a pretty pink one-- they all look identical--  teh $279 one  may have a lanyard ,,,wooowoowooo) so i am sending a $10 one to her  from you all (and teh fun fund...) --- says it will be delivered tomorrow

i predict there will be a run on these if it is true they are using oxygination to screen for the corona virus... right now-- they are cheap...
wellllllllll  alot on ebay  are $10 plus shipping  taking 5 days.. and on amazon they are $17.. get them tomorrow== which is a whole discussion about the economy of online shopping.
next medical------ in an effort to remain questionably sane- i watch dr pol and otehr vets overnight--- last night was a case of worming sheep.. and how it is necessary to vary the worming medication to eliminate the possibility of  a worm becoming resistant to that med.  with sheep it was stomach worms-- and a puppy was brought in with too many round worms-- i have trouble believing humans  are totally resistant to worms--  and are some of these medications advertsed on tv for stomach or bowel ailments actually wormers???   and if they are not... why aren’t they?  i know when my kids were small-- i wormed all the horses, dogs, and children on a routine basis... i never bothered to test.. it was cheaper and less complicated to just assume and treat.  if i had the doctor test them  and they were positive , a note would be sent home to all the kids in their school -- can’t you just see the bullying complications..???   every once in a while i would get a note about some kid with bugs... mortifying to the appartment dwelling parent...  teh shampoo was cheap..and on the bottom shelf of teh pharmacy in teh first aid department.
having written about those 2 things, i forgot the third.... 
mo apparently got moved -- probably to meridith farm--- or groton house.. and i got an email asking for meridith’s  address 
 OH  PLEASE  please   do not contact meridith farm-- it is someone’s private home and it is wonderful  that they are sharing their nice land with  some animals...-- they do not want any notoriety with it and would  throw  out janine and all teh animals.. you are welcome to drive by on a public road... but for heavens sake leave them alone.
mo  may be at ann’s---if you feel the need to write to someone, you could write  a nice thank you to my friend--- ann groton   --- 828 highland st --  south hamilton  ma  01982.   
she is teh one who told me about teh chef !!!!!