Thursday, March 12, 2020

mar 13 2020
we are on the keep away concept of  visiting anywhere.. and are not taking any new ones..i do have to share this one....  we went to the shore country day school.. absolutely beautiful place  and maybe some of those kids will take the SDP story home and parents will think... someone has to support SDP and write us a check..  and then newburyport... the most posh of teh posh nursing home...... clean organized  RECEPTIONIST IN HIGH HEELS......LOCK ONTHE DOOR...---10:00 speaker in the auditorium (me)  talked for 45 min.. gave out calendars, very nice  polite thank you... and on my way out i said to the manager -- you  must hqave a budget for this kind of thing-- we are volunteers for a charity
- she physically stepped back...almost offended that i shouold talk of getting paid... but would ask the board......i am not totqlly knocking either group... but it does seem that  therte are alot of people  who just do not think... 

then we went to visit " a blind woman"  special request.. in a group home... closest thing to a wooden shack in the woods...  the place was clean and very friendly-- had 8 residents 7 staff- clean dishes in the sink which was  also their "common room  "   bentley and sizzle wandered among the residents... doing as much or more for the staff-- we gave everyone pokerchips and tehey were thrilled... and thne gave one staff a calendar-- she then disappeared and came back with a $20 bill-- now there is a woman who knows important things...

i made some comment about " you guys are doing a great job here"  and the answer ws  "we love them" .....we go to leave and  what might be the  manaqger gave me a folded up bunch of $20'S turned out to be $100..  which we really do appreciate  but........ both judy and i  stoped in our tracks....  

 so what can we do for this bunch
bless judy- her mind never quits.. all the way home we tossed about ... how can we do something for these people..  and there at home sat the latedst box of coats from ingrid... so judy left me a note on my desk about takeing them to the staff-- which we can do without going into the building. perfect...

we like doing these day care centers  for free...... but from now on-- the ones that  charge for more thAn i could afford to pay them , are going to be asked for a "contribution" ..
and then there is teh kids at the school-- i have alwaqys found one or two kids in any school i hav egone to who have a spark-- and might help us while we help them--- except haverhill is maybe 10 miles away-- in my day you wouild hop  on a bike and ride the 10 miles without much  worry... and if that was the case i am sure i could find a bike somewhere... but......... not inb todays traffic.
i then remembered how long i have sat at the intersection of boxford rd and route 97  while all the commuters go toward work in beverly and salem..  from haverhill----i wonder what wouold happen if i put a sign out there   "commutter needs ride haverhill to here" 
there were kids in that school who would not be of any help-- but there were 2  i would be willing to take a chance on. sometimes you have to stqrt somewherre.
and now another nugent nugget

It always interests me when people speak of space aliens. It can't be denied that there are many unexplained phenomena in the sky, but what we can see on earth is already very impressive. Some speculate about superior beings (which one would have to be to reach earth from space), but consider what evidence we already have of a superior intelligence on earth, from archaeological evidence. 

The great Egyptian Pyramid of Giza is said to have been built in only 20 years. Not very long considering the tons of stone blocks they moved 4500 years ago before diesel engines. 

They say the pyramid was constructed from 2.3 million stone blocks, each weighing approx 3 tons. If my math is correct, that means that during those 20 years, one block would have to have been placed every 5 minutes or less, day and night for the entire 20 yrs. A 3 ton block in perfect alignment every 5 minutes for 20 years. 

It is estimated that the construction team totaled about 4000 workers. This includes the quarry workers who mined and shaped the stone with whatever tools they had, as well as the transporters and assemblers, but this does not consider the number of farmers and fishermen required to feed those workers. It would take an extremely well organized agricultural system to feed everyone who was too busy making a pyramid to hunt, fish or grow a garden on their own and it would be suspected that those workers got very hungry.

Fact is, this is just one of several pyramids they built back then.  I take this to be an example of at least a slightly more sophisticated society than in which we now live. It certainly took a very organized society to keep everyone focused on the same goal for those years, to say nothing of the logistics. I offer no explanation as to how they did it, but perhaps one advantage was that they didn't have politics and Congress back then. 

Just my thoughts... Tommy

i am going to have to chek his numbers- but his concept is very correct...