Saturday, March 14, 2020

mar 14 2020
ok...i got it.  we  do need to make accomodations for this tiny ?microbe? with which we now must share our world...there are do-ables and  non sustainables.   thanks to megan  all our purrell hand sanitizers are now functional-- someone gave them to us long ago. i doubt we can find refills but we can use them in the meantime... and may have to  concoct our own alcholol  replacement .== i am told vodka is still readily available. scrubbing your hands  with soap and wATER while you sing happy birthday doctors do before surgery... i think that is just soap and water. but  it's non  sustainable... 
i did watch dr guptq give a demo of hand washing --- great enthusiasm --- fingers spread, thumb detail--  suds flying ---water running-- aye there's the unlimited supply of water is not a "given" with the number of people involved...and i timed it -- happy birthday tqkes 15 seconds..  so a 30 second scrub aqnd anothe 15 seconds for teh rinse process... and that is one heck of alot of water dwon the drain.

one thing we can do... at least here on crazy acres is teh 6 foot rule-- i don't think on manhattan  there is enough space for people to stay 6 feet away from each other.. but here we should be able to do that...- and that would stop people from congregating in the kitchen anyway...

also i have not heard any discussion about the sterilizing effect of the sun-- as in stay outdoors in the nice rfresh air and sunshine

i did google--- most are talking  about bacteria- and virus is a whole new ballgame-- about which i know nothing.... except... they are different.

the news on this is changing by the minute... but  according to the CDC......

It’s important to note there hasn’t been a documented case of a person getting infected from a surface contaminated with the new coronavirus,      Transmission usually happens when people come in direct contact with respiratory droplets produced when a nearby infected person coughs or sneezes.

ok so they have not found a surface contamintion.. yet--- big word, that YET

but there are alot of people studying this-- comparing virus on  money, cell phones, copper vs cardboard... many deciding your cell phone is dirtier than the toilet seat-- which if i remember correctly the mythbusters found to b cleaner than the dining room table.  

good old mythbusterts---  they did a study on sneezing.. and they found that  one of themn couold sneeze 17 feeet.
so.... i am drinking that "marmalade" looking korean  ginger tea ( mostly because i like it)   taking a vitamin one a day generic.. taking temp morning    96.4 and  night 97,6  blood pressure  135 and pulse 75  oxygen level 95

from one who knows nothing.... i am told the shortness of breath is an indication of this virus...    so that oxygen level finger  toy might be an earlyt indicaton..  and i got that thing 3 for $10 on ebay--- and i have checked it against the one in th eemergency room for accuracy.   they are not expensive.  and interesting.       i hope i am one of the 98.5% who live thru this.