Thursday, March 5, 2020

mar 5 2020
mud  mud  glorious mud
nothing quite like it for cooling the blood
so follow me follow- down to the hollow 
and there we might wallow in glorious mud.    ( donald swann " the drop if a hat." ...) 

i think he has a point there ----too much computer work is bad for the blood....i will be a lot better off if i go wallow for a while today
mostly because-- someone has offered grant  to help straighten out the fencinfg and mud of the area behind the arena.. the stats???
 the arena is 80 x 60  and barn 75 x 35 that means   1/2(80x60 +75x35) or  3712.5 square feet of whatever rain is falling lands behind and under the dumpster-- except for the bit which has been churned into liquified  "black dirt"  by the horse and donkey pointy hooves.

i was appalled to find out that we hqve staff here who cursed the black mud, not realizing  that dried out it  is priceless "top soil"  the stuff over which wars have been fought... well ,...big arguements in kansas anyway.....over wind blowing it into dust... these city staffers never realized you can spread all the seeds you want in the parking pit- which is raw bull dozed earth-and not one will grow... but add some  decomposed shlt aka  topsoil and you get green stuff

so overall plan to watch on  camera  hopedully today... denis.. with a shrot chain will wrap each post while i sit in my heqted trqctor cab and move a lever about 3 inches so the post will pop out of the ground-  why anyone should be imporessed that at 82 i can do that is beyond me.  ok...   so maybe hoisting me into the drivers seat can get exciting.. but once ther i am set to move my hand the 3 inches...  a sewing machine is more difficult-- it is  all what you are trajned to politics ...  
so back to the other mud...

minus  all the fencing ---- all those individual "pens" will be  just one. a bucketdozer vcan gather the black soil and distribut ity in lumps  on that raw dirt of thte "back driveway"  for wildflowers...  then dig a 2'deep trench  along the arena  so the dumpster  area is higher-- therefore wqter should run inot the other pond and not into the dumpster and donkey area,,, this is the plan  just eyeballing various levels-- jeff ( bulldoser guy)  did think  setting a grade with laser levels might be helopful-- and we might end up with a hug pile of dirt....  but i have already told you... i know what a truckload of dirt is worth...- it may become "carlene's bank account"  .
now the virus
 from the authorities....  i listened while  they carefully explained...  if a person with  a temp  arrives at a ER  the hospital sholud test for regulqr flu first --- if that is neg.. then  don the hasmat suit protection and then check for this COV2..  mostly beause of a shortage in testing  equipment...   well that approqch will  eventually make for a shortage of people to  test....

and with all  this shortage bit== the don't ask and don't tell mentality-- if they ever get enough testing equipment, the statistics will rise unrelated  to any actual spreD OF VIRUS 

since the hews we get is sifted for our  absorption,  i did get this from soneoen who  is "in th trenhes" on an industrial  level.

Hi Everyone,

Here is some up to date information on the current coronavirus situation.

  • It is not “corona”. That is a popular beer or the glowing hot gases around the sun. It is coronavirus, all one word.
  • Coronavirus is the type of virus.
  • SARS-CoV-2 is the name of this particular coronavirus(former temporary name was 2019-nCoV). It is similar genetically to the SARS-CoV of a few years ago and so was given that as its permanent name. Its full name is “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2”.
  • COVID-19 is the illness caused by the virus.

Today’s WHO Situation Report (The only source I trust. Forget the media who sensationalize to get viewers and readers.)

To be considered appropriate as a disinfectant for SARS-CoV-2 a disinfectant must either have;
  1. an EPA approved kill claim for another coronavirus (human, canine, SARS related, etc.) or;
  2. it must have EPA approval to use the EPA-approved emerging viral pathogens claim. This may or may not be on the label, but may be conveyed by the manufacturer in a letter or statement, as long as the approval is stated on the EPA approved master label.

Some facts to consider. So far 3.4% of the sick people have died worldwide. This varies from less than 2% to over 5% in different countries. I’ve been watching that percentage for more than a week and it has held steady at 3.4%. Some people who are sick now may still die so the actual final fatality rate will probably be somewhere between 3.4% and 4.0%. You are very unlikely to catch COVID-19, but even if you do the survival rate is 96% or better. I have heard people saying that 60% of the population is going to die. Absurd! The MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus) of 2012 had a mortality rate of 34%, according to WHO. The SARS outbreak of 2002 had a fatality rate of 9.5%. SARS-CoV-2 has spread to more countries than MERS or SARS, but thankfully, appears to be less deadly.

For now, in the Ohio area where we have no cases, be aware. Don’t buy up all the medical masks so that healthcare people can’t get them. They need them every day. Don’t buy up all the disinfectants so that they are not available when and where they are actually needed. Don’t clean off the grocery store shelves, a little extra at home is fine, but don’t hoard. All this hoarding of supplies creates more problems than the disease is likely to create. Learn the facts from reputable sources and don’t spread false information. The biggest problems we face could be the ones created by people panicking, not from the disease itself. If cases of COVID-19 appear in our area, follow the instructions of our health experts.

i like the 96% survival ratre instead of the  4% who probably had other health issues... like living?