Saturday, March 7, 2020

mar 7 2020
ingrid is retired !!!  ingrid as in disney,, all those blankets , and coats, and college friends who paint laundries.... please don't disappear  -- and if you get hard pressed for something to organize... you are certainly welcome here !!!!  ingrid is  THE most organized person i know --- except maybe  linda is on that same level....she sent us  343 coats all  boxed and labeled with great accuracy.....  i wish she would come  here today and help me with this book-- i bet she couod whip it togethjer much easier than i can.

janice is doing a fantastic job... and i want to include3 challanges...

first  sample  regarding breeds of dogs... can you tell which dog is a dane and which is a jack russel?---
"bentley please come over here and sit on this taboggon
wanda please stand right here
ohiamsoexcitedtobeaskedtod somethihgandifijustgetmyfeetontherailiwilllooksomuchbigger
wanda put that foot down
howcaniput4feetonthegroundwhentheneighborstrashmanispickingupthir trash
opal  just sit here
OK  got it
wanda do not turn around
howcaninoturnaroundwhenicanheararoostercrowing...  etc   

second sample 
Hewwo dewre  Meesh Caween

and the third one... my computer has lost at the moment... it is a translation of the japanese 
program about bella and george... thier description of things i found different and worth noting... i need to find it again

 to maintain my sanity i think linda and i should spoend some time on her machine and
 get this back to janice  before  mmy computer and i  royally screw it up.

not the least of my problems is every time  i enter and save things... it changes the numbered pages...

i tried  to deal with the book while  listning to the virus and the "floating petri dish" off californis
whqat no one seems to address is how contageorus it is before symptoms appear..
 that concept reall;y upsets every applecartt.
activity of the day

10 : someone with 4 kids
12 : someone eolse with kids-- on a bus- probably more than 4 kids
unknown time  a guy who used to show danes-- i am really excited to talk with him...
hopefully linda here== she wqas not y=esterday.
i swhold not tell you my invention  because someone will make millions on irtt..l but i just don't hqave time to deal

re air travel and this virus....that thing that blows air at each poerson' , i am told goes thru all sorts of  hipa filt4rws... so it would be your best shot at breathing nice air on a plane
now enter that face mask i wear every night for cpap--- pretty good mask and a 5 foot hose with an end that would fit over that  thing that blows filtered air at each traveler on a plane.

one piece of duct tape to hold it in place  and... it seems to me... that would be as good as you could get it for sitting in that petri dish
if you make a million on that ..i hope you share it with sdp////`
moving on....