Friday, March 6, 2020

march 6 2020
andrew lloyd webber's music is addictive....   i am sure of it...  i dunno why,, but once i get going on some of it ... it sticks.. think  cats... phantom. j c superstar and this morning i heard any dream will do... not knowing where that song came from i bet someone it was andrew lloyd webbrer... qnd it is..  each time a show of his has come out... i get stuck ojn some of the songs...  today it is  "any dream will do."
now aboiut this book  janice is writing about SDP sounds  so wondeful, ----  but if there  is anyone who thinks i did this all by myself, i have a very nice bridge in brooklyn to sell you,,, it does describe our " village "all the way out there to the  cake deliveries in idaho... oieces of a puzzle... but it is working.. results are there.... and with great difficulty i am reading the  first printed least for content... it will have all m y origional spelling/typso and gramatical snafoos.

janice  wrote scotts  aubin's book "knot today"  which if you have not read, you should have.  he is teh vet who showed up on our doorstep with nearly every reason not to give him a dog,, warrants, suicide, alchol... but dash warmed up to him. and who was i to question her... so he has paid it forard wonderful.y ... where is a video turn a mess to a message  somewhere.. as he waanders around speaking to first responders nation wide.

so this book has a lot of emails and dd's--  i think janice has contacrted for permission..  i also thik any of our recipients have signed a phot release  but  we might have to redo to a printed permission.
fences are down in the donkey area... i need to get some idea qaboiut level===  my usual is a siphon hose.. with no bubbles it is as accurate as anything else-- i had one 100' long-- but have not even trie to fined it... i shold be qble to deal with  a piece of pipe on a garbage can just level it nd look thru it  shouykl,d give me some idea of the pitch.  ... close enough for planning... 

 at this point i have to give credit for these people who run these bull dozers... i swqear a good operator will get  the dirt to what ever the "plan" says to withinn 1/4 an inch with a machine that weighs 4 tons. an  extremely valuable  professional- for whonm school was not necessary...( back toi mike rowe.....)

this morning i have to go speak to some "school"  where i am  an "alternqte occupation"   .... i am supposed to get acr5oss to thswe kids school is a legal necessity... and if you can just get th4ru it --- you might need just a few things you  may have learned...... you will  hopefully find  a job  and find working is alot better...  thye give you money to work.... thqt is much different than school.
chef is due here shortly...
back to the book reading   it does have some very funny bits......
i need to get mark to find puppy photos on any mentioned  ------  thus illustrating we have an expert in every field--- marks is detail organizing... he can locate one photo in the 85,000 picures he has in that shutterfly bit.

i wouold also like to include the Previous Professions of our staff and volunteers.... that is an amazing list...

it is a list of stuff  i did-- it should also include a list of what i was quite rightly prevented from doing by an astute staff.