Tuesday, March 24, 2020

marv24 2020
the governor made care of animals, pets and livestock excluded from th stay at home order.-- we will have to have a meeting/discussion with the staff..
 certainly if anyone feels that working would be  a threat to their health/life they are certainly entitled to quit,  i hope they don't,  i certainly can not run it by myself-- even with janine in teh guest house...i had the place split into 3 or 4 people per section... to whom we were already exposed anyway-- you will never be 100% free of exposure if you have to eat food and pump gas.  at any moment any of us could show signs.  i did formally ask pam and linda  to work at home.
 several people did decide having chef michale  cook  was probably less exposure  to let him shop and cook than having 8 if us shop.

 not knowing a thing... i have some feeling sub sandwiches  and salads   wouod be  something to avoid as opposed to hot foods... like fried food !! 
 now there's an excuse !

i also think there is a double whammy coming  first the hospitals in the boston area overflowing without enough equipment  and then the economy will hit
and that will be bad too.
just one disaster at a time...

stay home on the farm is not as bad as trying to live in a small appartment  with 2 kids and a husband.
perish the thought.

not sure how this book bit works, but  amazon  will have it online--
 and SDP will have the  printed early edition here maybe in a week or so???,,, which i will be signing..

 author "janice " is doing great... and there are so many details i never knew.... i am learning..
meanwhile i am working on the chicken bric email list--

that is teh most excitement i can come up with.. at least at teh moment.

 welllll.... i did have qan overnight chuckle...  chris coumo had his broither  NY govenor cuomo on as guest,
,he introduced him and  thanked him for coming on his show the govenor said "mom said i had to"