Thursday, June 11, 2020

june 11 2020
 the teachings of my father have raised havoc with life in my advanced   years, with goats. 
firstly ---so many times i heard him say   " you must never throw away hardware ---eventually you will need every bit."  that has lead to a museum quantity of hinges and door knobs.
 secondly  " always collect like items"  i don't know why i was to do that, but most reciently  it was teh cause of my having cartons of teh  white plastic bottles stoneyfield farm  yogurt comes in .. they come in 3 sizes and i intended to fill them with sand and have a very nice large size chess set,... i ended up with plenty of bottles and sand, but the talent was missing so they landed at the door of the local art studio.

i passed this "matching items" concept onto my daughter janinie- who, in hte process of rescuing donkeys from the slaughter pens in penna, saw 5 matching  white goats being shuffled to the awful one way trucks to mexico.. so she figured   we needed goats milk for puppies so she bought the  5 of them.. and since you buy animals there  by the pound, the 5 were very small and inexpensive.  they were quickly shuffled into her trailer with whatever else she bought  like a mini cow and a few donkeys.  she got home with teh load, and we got a better look over janine's version of noah's arc.. and teh "cow"  was a lovely bottle raised  pet zebu  of someone's. and also  it was a boy.. with horns..  the 5 matching goats we found did not have udders- that thing hanging back there was  going to make trouble, not milk.
having landed at the safety of crazy acres, there was no choice but to call bryan(dvm) and have all those masculine  appendages removed... they are cute and interesting... so 3 went to  and grew fat on the lovely pastures of meridith farm  "snap crackle and pop".. leaving us with  ike and mike... well ike and mike could use some lush grass instead oif poison ivy vines  so janine swapped the 3 goats for 2   and took elvis , our boy cow along with her to enjoy a different set up.

in the process i thought    we have more volunteers c ominbg here now looking for fresh air.. and it would be possible to actually get a milking goat - which wouldn't give much milk, be a learning experience in front of the cameras.---- cows and goats don't just automatically give  milk....  that is the result of  the birth of a calf  or kid and you just keep on milking after the kid/calf needs it --  we had a small cow once-- my daughters were about 10 years old...  turns out, to get the cow pregnant you do not need a bull, but a usda agent with a  small vial and a long arm.  i do not know  how to impregnate  a goat, except the  old way... and i don't know who has one of those. i have heard stories about how boy goats attract female goats by "lifting their leg"  not on trees   but on thier oun  heads.  making them unattractive to humans.  there is a lot  i don't know about goats in general...
i do know teh "old lady"   down the street had  3 nubian goats which she milked toi keep her arthritic hands  exercised so she could make quilts...... and sent the extra "kids" produced to the heffer fund in africa- giving me a gallon a day for the dane pups soooooo long ago.
and........ then  saw a do it yourself goat milker with a $19 food vacuum and syringe connected ti a bell presearve bottle...and got prepared to find a miking goat...  .. i spent the $19 and i gave the pieces to beth and then cov hit..  but now... i haVE MENTIONED TO JANINIE WE SHOLD HAVE A GIRL GOAT TO MILK... AND YIOU  NEVER KBNOW WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN WE MIGHT HAVE 14.

Carousel Milking Parlor for Goats  WHERE THEY MILK 1300 GOATS AN HOUR.------


p.s.. why have we not named a pup havoc?????