Tuesday, June 16, 2020

JUNE 16 2020
pregnancy is alot of things...joy, fear, panic and relief.... i think maybe we should spend some fun  fund money and have brian come and check sunshine -----  the concept of whatever is in that big belly of hers , getting thru and out the small  exit hole in her rear is concerniing. how many times i have said... be patoent mommy nature will decide...  which is all well and good and mommy will decide in the end ( so to speak)  but i think the hunedreds of  people watching and waiting might eat fewer tranquilizers if we had bryan come and wave hius hand over the donkey project .. i say "over"  with reservation because  checking  the progression of a  human  pregnancy often involves a rubber glove.... in the case oif donkeys it is a sleeve.... 

also reminding you   she is a donlkey.. but  her husband might have been a horse-- in which case she would be having a  mule... or to be exact a hinney.
i wonder..... if a horse gestation is 11 months... and a donkey  12,   could that be why she is "bagged up" so early and not going anywhere ....yet... i have always thought the extra month for the donkey developed teh brains-- because the donkey is 180 degrees different than a horse.

  in the bible, teh mary and joseph story ----a donkey was chosen to  carry mary very carefully after which someone cause teh donkey to carry the sign of ht cross  with a stripe down it's back...and a stripe acrosss it's shoulders.  i have never seen a donkeywiyhout thagt cross...on  a spotted donkey, whenever a darker spot crosses teh mid line, there will be a definite dark stripe... and if you clip the hairs off a black conkey like pockegs, there is a distinct difference ing he hair on that midline.

 now  w/r/t the moving of wives.......in the modern world if a husband  in the throes of a divorce really want ed to get rid of the wife, he would logicaly choose a  beautiful  horse on which to put his wife... one slap on the fanny (of the horse) and that wife would be long gone across several counties - probably getting wiped out under some low lying branch.-as opposed to the caring husband  who would choose the careful   steady  but less spectacular  donkey. 

the things we have done with donkeys, we never could hav e done wirth horses   ... from harnessing 8 of them in a budweiser  parade hitch    leaving them in the street while   going into a starbucks  to get a cuppa and come out to have them all still standing there, or while carryinbg santa in a parqde, having the crowd swarm pressuring themselves in between donks and under the carriage.... they stood shock stilll-- if they had moved, we would have had a massacre.   

a frightened donkey stands still... a  frightened horse bolts and runs...  standing still is alot easier to deal with...   except the average human   handling them figures they are stubborn  when in  reality, the donkey is just saying "give me the facts, just the facts, not your opinion of what you think i should do."  

a very carefully thought out solution  is hte donkey's specialiy...
 somewhat similar to the old person paying for, then taking the food- of an impatient person in a mcdonalds   drive thru line... did we not all appredcoate that story?! --
lawn watering  continues in pam's  capabl;e hands   watering sections of the flat field druing the night and 4 sections of the bare hill during the day...  i know it is the wrong time of year to strt a lawn... but i can onlyu try  with the hilp of teh  very nice ... deep well that has ample water that is loaded with minerals and is nearly undrinkable for flavor... it is healthy enough, but smells like fish...

 in the meantime th a last year's struggle uner the swing set...  is providing an hour a day of good grazing for sundhine.;  i had hoped the green grass might start her labor 

there is a  grass /labor story there- i may have mentioned before.   thorobred race horses increase in age  on paper every jan first.  so they gry andget foals born  early in the year...  mommy nature has it all planned that a bit of green grass will start  a mare cycking in heat.   so the green grass of may i producing foals in april  is a mommy nature thing...  so to "imporove " on that   trackers sometimes ship mares south to whre the grass gets greener quicker/ earlier   . or a few . less wealthy ( me)  try and gro grass hydroponically in an old refrigerator. in a smelly mess of cholorox and  green slime .

 those more intelectual and financial  astute started selling chia pets with a littel grass seed for the window in the kitchen  .. with a lot more  financial success. 

moving on... calling bryan