Friday, June 26, 2020

JUNE 26 2020
 re.. the new chicken coop.....started all because we coud  not visually check on them from our usual daily path ----i got one post verticle and alreaady i have a dozen emails with everyone worried..  i can certainly understand you being worried.. do i really know whaqt i am doing?? actually no. i don't but i do know  2 points form a line   3 points a plane , water seeks it's own level, 3-4-5 willmake a right angle  and if you hammer nails in at wierd angles, they hold better and teh ultimagte decision maker is gravity.
based on that extensive knwledge, i personally built the yellow "shop"  on a bet and in a week --- pretty mu ch alone."  the t tent, and laundry building i started alone and was joined by other random people.. which is what i hope will happen here..   careful thinkers are always welcome... SDP survives on that.

the ultimate goal is to walk along the driveway andd v=be able to check the water ands food thru a window-- all the water for every animal  on this property here can be checked as anyone just wanders around normqally... except the chickens.. in my kennelrules... you nwever put the wattrer pail  "out of the way so you don't trip on it"     teh watre must be by the door .. tripping over it is better than not being able to check on it.   i have ignored the chickens too long.

now  the  generic   FYI  for the day--  there is some kind of building boom around here anyway......   there is a shortage of lumber- for whatever reason i do not know.  first clue.... i can not seem to get jack .. or qany onther talented carpednter to put in the framoing for the garqge door...even standing around on a sunbday with cash in hand....   next clue... the lunmber companuy i usually use -- the phone is constantly busy..and when i finally got them, he said they could not deliver for 5 days.... usually they say something like  "we can have it there a 3:20" .. and tehy do. "bring your trailer and we can load you today"  -- so i did that only to find  they did not have exactly what i listed  ... namely 14 foot  4x4's  pressure treated... and no   2 x 6 x 12' ...

so  with difficulty.....i hooked up my beautiful --- still fairly new dump trailer ( still full of bricks that i have not found a home for yet) proving once again   i have a biinary rright/left problem as denis tried  to tell me the correction to dgt under the trailer hitgch...   finally i gave him a  white coffee cup to put on the hitch so i coud see it betterr in tghat backj up camera and had no gtrouble.   i could not call ahead because the phoen line wqs busy  so i just drove there and the "yard" was full of trucks picking up stuff..  once haveing  pulled in  i realized   it was going to be a challange to back out... but i love a challange... so with trailer attached i continued forward into the shed  to get someone's attention without having to get out.

men... gotta love how some have the instinct to attack an unprotected female-- "hey jack some idiot woman has her trailer stuck in the shed" ---   i was teh "some woman'  but iu was by no means stuck...- there was no where else to park-- plus  they know me there.  so as they gathered my list and the yard cleared of all the tractor trailers i just backed  out and paralell parked in  the yard without having to  pull forward once.   experience comes from bad experience... 
i remember........... we had a filmiong at some fancy country club in ? newton?   and i had a fairly new tractor trailer size -- fifth wheel...  stock trailer  and pulled down a line of very expensive cars   parked onboth sides of the long  driveway...  it took a long time  but i got alot of experience  backing out of there !   there are alot of stories about me getting in trailer trouble  in boston  traffic with that rig... i only dented it once.... in my driveway wen i hit my regular trailer with that  big one..... a distinguishing feet of denting 2 trailers at once.

i also know exactly what gridlock is....  and why you must never pull into an intersection if you can not  pull all the way thru theat  intersection.
 so back to the SHAT HOUSE    todqays goal is th get the second post up  exactly 16 feet ( outside measurement) from the first..  at whichpoint   life will get serious... if denis can then  pound sticks in the corners  with a horizontal  board, we can take the weekend trying to  make the  thing square  where the diagonals are equal...   because until they are equal. it is dangeous to proceed...   that will taKE SOME  BASIC GEOMETRY  DOING OF 3 4 5   TRIANGLES    AND STRING THAT DOES NOT STRETCH....  

Hello Carlene and Linda, Megan,and Devin and all SDP family,

This is Sandy Jones in Tennessee.
I woke up this morning just feeling so very BLESSED and Emotion of Thankfulness for everything you all have done for Johnny and Myself  for the gift of new life for us!
I wake up so happy because I look forward to seeing my Lady Ripple first thing.
Our routine  is she jumps in bed with me and we have our lovey time, then I get in my wheelchair and take her to the door to go out into her fenced back yard, and me to mine.
She will not leave the screened porch until Johnny or myself will go out and sit and then she will go on out!
I come out and sit on a swing where Johnny and I drink coffee and watch her run her relays and then her potty needs.
Then she comes in and lays on her outside bed wish me, so we decided what direction to take for the day.
She eats and drinks and here we go if things off the day.
She is so happy to get her vest on because this means we are going for a ride!
She loads up, and is so much help to my task of the day.
She stays right with me and now so protective she watches everything a doctor or nurse does to me and puts her head on me and wants to see what they are doing!
They all love her and show her what they are doing so she’s not so concerned.
If Johnny tries to help me at rest time at home she jumps up and goes between us saying NO this is my job and my Mama!
If Johnny hugs me she gets in between us, if I’m on my phone she takes her nose and pushes sway saying you need to pay attention to me!
If I’m having a down day she lays on the bed with me and we nap and watch TV together.      
It’s so funny because she always takes Johnny’s side of the bed
Saying no room for you!😂
We are always as one!
She is my legs to walk, she gets me up when I fall, she is my best friend besides Johnny, she brings so much comfort to never be alone, she gives me a reason to face my day!
Johnny loves her so much and hard on him to leave us alone and not pet when on, he is our Wing Man trying to protect us from the public so we can work.
We are a happy family!
I just wanted to take the time to Humbly say God Bless each of you and Thank You for our gift of life.
Lady Ripple say’s Thank You Too❤️
Sandy Jones/ Tennessee