Wednesday, June 3, 2020

june 3 2020
FROM A CP   --Hong Kong police are using blue-dye to mark protesters for arrest -    WOW... SEE IT MIGHT WORK !

both lilo and jasmine have  bilateral entropian  and will need surgery - to twist the  eyelashes away from the eyeball-- not terribley complicaged... an outpatient but general anesthesia  to be done at buldger  a new 24 hour hospital just over the lawrence line.    they sent the paperwork involving the estimated cost--  $2300 to $2700   each ------ george has done many for us before for $150 ---- but now life is different now they bill separately for each glove and suture..and i long for the days of  dr. connie and his bench in the yard with the cone of either... he never lost a patient  that i knew of.. and i would have heard.... i can hear vets now saying " if i operated like that i could be sued"  --  
 fear...     the excuse we now live by. ----   so the dog- which was once a welcome addition to a family , is no  longer a welcome  addition, but a significant financial burden   .... parents buy a cell phone instead.
we are very fortunate to have the PPP of teh government paying the salaries for the next 8 weeks so i can afford this... otherwise, we would be driving to some area where the same operation is  still under $400
and to make it worse... they have a sister with probably the same problem. 
 guess which dogs i will not breed again !!

I DON'T KNOW ABOUT THE HOT TOP PROJECT,  BUT THE REVEARSING DIRECTION OF THE RAINWAER IS GOING GREAT GUNS.. I ACTUALLY DROVE MY CAR YTOTAlly around hte bRNA ND ARENQA. LOWWERING THE Bck drive by 12 inches... produced alot more dirt than i thoufght... so we are exgtending the parking pit.

i bought that larger jitterbug phone which is supposed to be for  shall we say "older folks"and no one has touched it  but me.... .. so i will try and understand the @#$%^& thing.   with instructions in hand i signed in with my usual animalep@aol.comand treh thing said "welcome carlenewhite1001"  whici is anotehr gmails address i inherited.- all of yesterday,i wore that thing around my neck, with the little get started book  going thru a multitude of passwords finally it accepted one.  anoteh4 houyrs was spent trying to make a phone call-- it wanted none of that- nn i could not even find out  what... if any.. was my phone number until this morningi turned it onb abnd i have a phone number- and successfully madee both a call and a text...typed 
i bought the thing to be able to dictate texts-- i have not got there yet.
meanwhile when janine is in eh driveway i can hear her phone conversations from her car very clearly on my steering wheel.  this is teh car thqt .. when confused. it plays THE AVE MARIA..

WARNING  ----ON A MORE SERIOUS VEIN....  THERE ARE ( AT LEAST) 2 EMAILS CIRCULATING  ONE LOOKS LIKE FROM EXPLORE SAYIND HOW WONDERFUL  DONNA IS WANTING TO ARRinge a date...  . THE OTHER ABOUT  ARRRAINGEING PHONE CALLS FROM OUR RECIPIENTS AND SWAPPING PHONE NUMBERS.   neither of these have anything to do with service dog project..... and i can only question what either one has in mind.     i am very  protective of our  recipients --- we sign all kinds of adi stuff about  not  asking our recipients to do anything.  As for donna.... before she gets too flattered, teh second email from explore wanted anyone available.. 
 sometimes it is hard to see the motovation  for these email schemes, but  eventually it boils down to  2 universal motovating factors .. money is one of them.  so please don't respond to anything  involving SDP unless it comes from linda or me... or megan.