Sunday, June 7, 2020

june 7 2020
GOLDIE STRKES AGAIN -- FOR YE OF LITTLE FAITH.... I MENTIONMED TO LINDA THAT OUR FRIDGE IN THE T TENT DIED AND HOW WE REALLY DIDN'T NEE SUCH A BIG ONE SO WHY NOT SPEND OUR COSGCO "CHECK" ON A SMALL ONE.. IT was a discussion and ihad not taken her efficiency in to account when i got the  idea at 2am  to  look at refrigerators in th costco ad online.   i found a nice one and because i didn't have that costco rebate info in front of me, i put it on my charge card.  skip fprward to  costgco sending  shipping information aobu rtrefrigeragtors being shipped... and   we discovered... with difficulty.. that it was not an error on their part.. we both had ordered the same model.. and it was too late to cancel... my complete faith in goldie, i said let it ride... eventually we will need another one  somewhere...

now... enter janine a mail call  runnng thru her various problems of donkeys and  turkeys -- one problem was... her refrigerator had  died... well i had teh perfect  solugtion to that one.   we jusgt happen to have a 2 identical small refrigeratores sgarting to appear in  our driveway compliments of costco.
another goldie moment...

today...shatting sunday..  i tried  to enter donnas drawer of quickpicks and had not done it  for so long  i couold not figure out how that computer lets you do it...
i notice we are almost sold out... and we have several  in her drawer.... i think we will make it.   stay tuned.. mark  was here checking on his supply of gas to cook hambergers... we don't have a clue as to haw many people to expect... i have said people can come here  but must stay 10 feet apart.

now if you want to worry,, try all these people gatghering  with the black lives matter protesst...  they ae not 10 feet apart andnot all have on m asks... so abourt 2 weeis from now...  the statistics may take a rise.   washingto dc.. they are packed in... but the overhead view of philidelphiaa the crowd does look welll spaced... 
pray for a vaccine.. 
since you all support this project, you have a right to  question  financal information.... so   w/r/t the driv4way... i donated  teh $36,000 which it cost.  if it was not for sdp . i wound never have needed to redo the driveway, or  parking   or green puddle...  so it really is  a logical expense acording to our  accounting advice.   those potholes i hit so ofetn and at such speed in my c glf cart and tractor also mean i couold have called it a medical expense as they  wer particularly hard on several body parts.

mark said he wouold bring his  flying object  today to photograph the difference  and then post it somewhere\
penny.. and her temp of 104++  she had a swollen joint...  did not look like alot of swollen  legs i have seen , and somewhere i knew that joints an bones and thigs like that weere out of my league   so nici  (dvm)  was kind enough to have a quick look and take an xray...  she decided to change antibiotic ( we had started doxi)  and put in a drain... so devin has taken her ovrnight  and will try an dkeep  her from pulling out the drain.. 
 devin may be tired today.. not getting enough sleep 

i reemember... a  movie job i had to do  which involved sleeping on someone's living room floor with a dog  of mine  and just to be sure it did not wander thru the house withoiut my knowliedge, i   tied her to my  leg... or arm.. or somewhere.  so whan she moved, i knew it. 
janine had an ingteresting "take" on trying to pay for colby's college where univ of nh  is charging for semesters they yet do not have a plan to deliver-- and how  there is a huge jump in tuition between 3 courses or 4  like $6000 to $14,000.  but to collect with no plan to deliver??????
then a large discussion on  never having to commute again because of how much we all have learned  none th ekleast s teh effect of cov on polution, and cost of real estate, as city dwellers are buying up country property ... now think all those high rise off ice buildings??????