Monday, June 8, 2020

june 8 2020
been up a while now  waiting  watching for signs of a new baby donkey.. i have often called this process analyzing every phart  .. she is certainly large  and her udder is prominent enough to see 2 engorged nipples on occasion.. so it has to be soon... for those very new people----  go to  our web and click on  watch us, scroll down and click the  donkjey camera.... scrolling down further gets you a whole community of camera people who are very nice and very knowlegable.. i have been training them since 2012  in the details of crazy acres..
i remember.... when we started the cameras someone not familiaR with barns in general called me  after my bedtime to warn me there was a bird loose in the barn . all these people have come a long way since then !!  much of which i am learning at the same time.. on a farm very little is guarenteed...  ansd every day a farm teaches you something...   most of it lovely things.. not often  but sometimes disaster..  it does remind you mommy nature is very in charge... not me.

 this donkey on camera now is a rescue from the slaughter pens ..  so  we have no idea when she was bred.. or... i forgot to remind you all... we also don't know if she was bred to a donkey... or horse (or pony.). and might have a mule baby and not a donkey !!   whatever.. she has something in there.. and this is the first time i have said "soon" 
mark and his drone ( oh how he loves his toy !!  and he is super at it)  produced some photos of teh  "improvements"  
 for me to put in this dd..  i dunno how... i can attach but ??imbed??? i tried copy paste?? doesnt work either  . sorry  mark.
meanwhile  penny seems to be improving with the drain in her leg... devin has her overnight with the  threat that nici ( dvm) will be furious with us if we let her take that drain out.  so far so good..   she has been on 24 hour watch ... with conna and bud taking turns yesterday.
today's medical issue is  dorothy  for spay  donna will go with her and get her in the car to return to the "sunroom" and shold be on camera--  tonight mark will sleep on the couch with her..
 other major change is we are going to try and move the poultey around... guinnea hens will go to the guinnea hen pen.. and have outdoor access.... the new babies will go to the chicken coop in their own area once guinea hens settle down   we might try the turkeys in the donkey pen.
the turks might be on camera  ... teh rest will hopefully not be  where they should not be
yesterdays  shatting ( sold out thank you all)  was the fastest ever... first chicken onto thnumbered board took 3 seconds to choose thee winner...  pam did not even get teh second chicken out of the crate.
 with this cov being relaxed todqay, we have all kinds of requests for people to return.... it actually makes no sense to me... itf everyone was to stay home for feaqr of contacting an infected person.... it is a lot more probqable now with so many more  infected in mass in general...   they change the terminology to implu thingws are better,  and the situation medically is  worse... it seems to me... at any rate.. volunteers are welcome to return only if they can  stay outsode the buildings ,keep 6'  space between... especially  from me.  there are a  very few with house priviledges .. 
one of the new refrigerators is now operational... you will like this....  it was a problem to remove the old refrigerator.. a nice stainless sgteel one... so we put it on it's side and put the new smaller one on top... so it is now a table.  with 2 compartments for storage...  does look strange... but what doesn't around here?? 

recycle and repurpose   !!