Wednesday, July 29, 2020

JULY 28,29 2020
i missed a daily doggie yesterday....   i don't do thqt often... but then i dpn't have to be up all night delvering pups either...  sizzle finally had 11.. one was doa.. there is one other i don't think will make it  .. it is the one who did not latchon at birth.. tehn i noticed it had not made any noise.. and started centrifical force drainage.. it finally made a squeek, but there is sopmethig worng with it's ability to nurse...  i will try a bottle today, but i don't have any great hopes ..  the other 2 slow to nurse.. are dong fine ...per pam... who stayed  woith them all noight.

we need overnighters...   2 of them every night...  a paying job....  contact pam... 7 pm tp 7:30 am.  for about the next 3  weeks?????  WE HAve a few... but there are gaps... 

between may' 9  and siz we haVe A  NICE SUPPLY OF DOGS TO TRAIN FOR PEOPLE  WHO NEED THEM ..  WITH GREAT HEvy duty pups of may's and the litgher version of sizzles... tho tht does not always hold true..  it is going to be difficult withso many black pups... mark... we need photos's  .

  if they had each ahd 5 pups,i would be looking to breed skye.. who just came in heat, but i think i will skip thysi cycle with her.  just before we get spome of thiwese pups down to thebarn, like in september, this house will be  "challanges..."
as the song goes....  "we did it before  and we can do it again."  

most people raising dogs do not provide overnigh t  sitters.... and many people raising dogs don't mind  if they lose one or two..  we mind. 

the mind  expanding talk of the week is barbara alinker's TED talk on mobility  ( i think this works or google.   she had a few "quotable quotes" in her 20 minute talk   about addressing a problem in the firawt place b y revearsing you position iwth the problem. in her case she found that  riding in a wheelchair made you  a sub species where people talked over you...  i know this to be true. 
 atg some point in my careere..... i remember my saying ... "i can talk, i just can't walk "  and thought of teh kid left in the hall by her school attendent like a sack of grain dumped there... so this barbara person invented a sort of stand up tricycle to keep the person at eye level for oopeners... her talk was right on for mobility... so i did send her an email  asking if she was aware of how i had addressed the same issues  with GreaT Danes.
 what else is new?
well i don't know who runs this blogger.but they ar changing the formqt  and i feel threatened by the unknown.. like how to make the new formqt work.. if anyone can help??? first problem .. it never heard of me or the animalep name i have had for so long...   i know i haVE Had ?8 google accounts  whth a vRIETY OF PASSWORDS..  SO CONFUSION IS GREAT.   CAN ANYONE HELP?
i dunno.. goal of the wweek... to get up the bidding/board for the hockey shirt/book/poster  
 i am anxious for all these pups to get to be 3 weeks old soe can see a little of what we have got going...   mays are 5 days now????