Saturday, September 19, 2020

sept 19 2020 dogfest

 virtual dogfest 2020     is going to be a 2 cupppa coffee day..

couple things... i  was not aware of  our jewish  staff needing the day off...    which they should take.. we will manage....
it looks like it rained overnight. a few cleanups there  but a nice day is forecast.... 
i am not aware of any cp's arrival ....  if they do show today, they can be in charge of spirit sticks.. racks are up and ready..   
 since we are not expecting any unexpected guests, i did not get a portapotty, so  for the rest room , use one in the laundry building . 
mommy nature's cov is still running the show  and 10 foot  distance is mandated....  and except for our weekly staff/volunteers on some errand.....   no one in the buildings one in the main house   which includes the condo and deck which are "in the house." 

a few recipients will be around and talking on teh donkey camera starting about noon...   ,,, right behind teh turkey's egg project... 
the other camera to watch is the puppy hill one which will hopefllly be turned to the swing set when we bring pups down.... when they decide time is ready....?noon???  sitting on the ground with pups is recommended...  holding or picking any up pups  is for trainers only... otherwise not allowed...  

cars... please none  ... i panic over hot mufflers---- puppies like to crawl; under.....    handicapped parking by guest house.  and pick up by golf cart if necessary... ...others in the pit-- 

i will keep the "boards" open til 10:30 am   which will give me time to get the late  purchases in linda.s  hands for making the little paper "tickets" 
amy and jacky's  fluffy project will apparently be on or web at 11 am -  i don't know  what linda will do with  that today  but  have at it,... 
i am not supposed to tell you the calendars arrived.. -------and they look really nice... with all of mark's photos...

i hear rumor mark is cooking ...   

gathering place will be teh tea tent  by the flag.  ---  10 foot.....   please remind each other.

enjoy !!

Friday, September 18, 2020

sept 18 2020 shatting



With running four different raffle boards tomorrow there were details … every time you change anything around here there are things you never thought of .. simply with 2000 numbers for just the chicken chating … we usually put 2000 stickers on the table cloth it's time consuming but people enjoy standing around talking to each other while putting them on and scraping them off but this time because we have 4  I decided that we could use little slips of paper in the Cement mixer .. we just happen to have a nearly new very clean cement mixer which should work fine tossing around all these bits of paper for the four different baffles--- it sounded like such a good idea and it is    I had not totally considered how these thousands a little bits of paper got to be little bits of paper .. 

So yesterday the end of Mail call 5:30 I sat on my bed with linda's lovely paper cutter and sliced up over 2000 little rectangles with people's name and a number on them .. That took me from 5:30 to 8:30 of doing nothing except cutting little rectangles with a paper cutter .I got the all packed away in the garbage bag there's an awful lot of 'em when I noticed but in the process I lost  that extremely sharp tiny razor thing off the paper cutter ..  with luck it's in the bag with the little rectangles otherwise it's losted in my sheets and blankets .

Who could possibly guess let the process of training service dogs required spending Time searching for a  razor in a bed .


This Best illustrates the problem I have with ADI who insists I have very detailed job descriptions .. it may be simple in other outfits to do this but around here you couldn't possibly describe all the things staff will be required to do …

 there's another small detail  For you all to think about -----   we did have a barking episode two nights ago which involved the animal control officer giving me a citation .. her proof was listening to the explore camera web ..  last night I left the donkey Hill camera an overnight unnoticed because of the location of the microphone the loudest thing on it was the turkeys and .. that is not saying the dogs didn't bark because they certainly can and do sometimes but last night the loudest thing in the barn were the turkeys .


This may throw us back into the study of physics where sound get quieter the further away you get …buy an actual formula double the distance reduces the Loudness by 6 decibels . 

That is demonstrated most often by someone saying "speak up we can't hear you in the back of the room .".   that is a known physical phenomenon like gravity .. if you stop and listen very carefully you can hear a barking dog at 200 feet but only if your refrigerator is not running to muffle the sound .  It certainly would never wake any sleeping baby I ever knew . but if you or annoyed with dogs in the first place that noise will grate on your nerves which makes me wonder why you would buy a house next to a kennel 50 plus great Danes .  

A very old story with a very old problem .

We are as ready as we're going to be for our virtual dogfest and I hope everybody will stay 10 feet away from each other .. we will put up the spirit sticks sometimes Saturday morning because I'm worried if they're up overnight some of the paper ones would wilt .. so that activity should start sometime Saturday morning with ongoing interviews with staff and volunteers starting about noon on the donkey camera .  I can't tell you when we will bring the puppies down to the puppy Hill camera because it Has to be their schedule not ours .   If I had to guess I would say somewhere between 11:30 and 12:30 .  but who knows .


bud got the camera moved tothe condo area... which is much more interestingthat=n the sunroom....    tome, the interesting poart was..... bud said it was not working and there must be something wrong with the cable between the sunroom and condo...  i do not know why.... or why i would remember... but for the past?2 years? another cable has been hanging on the clean fluffy rack in the corner of the kitchen...   bud changed that out nd it works perfectly...

now walk that back to..."why is that loop oif wire hanging in the kitchen.... put it away"  and if that had happened 2 years aga...., i never would have been able to find it t the moment it was needed....  why was it there iht he first place????  remember i went thru a phase of learning to put new ends on cables-- and it was my practice loop...   put that in my job description ..., right next to cutting thousands of paper rectangles... 

Thursday, September 17, 2020

sept 17 2020

 yes !! When my son was in Afghanistan as civilian support, he lived in a shipping container. They are being used as affordable housing in several areas of the country. Cut a window, put in some a/c, you have a lovely condo that holds up better than some buildings. 😁


Maybe ---  just maybe--  I've found my latest wacko idea .. making a home out of a shipping container ..those things are well built .. The standard ones our 20 foot and 40 foot long about 8 foot high .  I can hear the building inspector now ..It certainly could be an overflow guest house .. we already have the training room The ICU building now add  a shipping container ???? 


We hopefully have new help arriving  at the end of the month .. which would give Me  More time to be creative.. 


The puppy bus is working well AND taking  All 15 pups Down to the the grassy area   About noon time for run around and lunch has been Great fund .. The only limiting factor is the puppies are getting very heavy to lift into the puppy bus ..  This is a marvelous group of puppies and will hopefully become nice service dogs ..


I have several notices about Bella and George beings sponsored whatever on the Cesar Milan web page actually I don't know the details but it is a very nice video about Bella and George .


At 10 foot apart……..THE Schedule for   Saturdays  dogfest is about the same 11 AM to noon is run around frantic hour .. followed by interviews of all the staff several recipients and many volunteers which will be set up in the donkey stall ..  the spirit sticks will hopefully be visible on the puppy Hill camera and between interviews people can hielp getting them on the racks….   ….then ….the putting on of the  shatting numbers starting 2:00…… the chicken shatting and the hockey Memorabilia will happen Starting at 3:00 o'clock  Followed by the spirit stick march … dog feeding and burning of the spirit sticks and ???mail call????

And if I get organized enougn… ice cream after that….  Why not. ?

 The planned happening of today is to  get the guinnea chicks on to the area close to the pond….   We need a bit of fence adjustment  and they shoulc be out catching bugs from there.

Dear Carlene,
  Start to finish today, Bumble took greater care of Scott than I ever could have, for six solid hours.  He remained laser focused on Scott’s physical position and truly held him up, despite Scott’s exhaustion.  Additionally, he was fully in-tune with where Scott was emotionally, because simply being at the VA can spiral Scott to a sad place.
Each day, I am more and more amazed at this remarkable team.  I watch with pride as Scott hands out business cards to direct people who are interested to SDP’s website, typically mentioning that they, “....have to watch the Chicken Brick video and get some for yourself!” 

Thank you so much for this incredible, finely-tuned “machine” of a dog.  Bumble, through the incredible training and love from all folks SDP, is a miracle worker, and because of him, my husband can live a real life again.
I hope to be able to come to the farm as soon as I’m allowed so I can volunteer in the barn for a few days again.  My best to all.  Please give sweet Sizzle a red cookie for me.
Sincerely,   Lyn 
Tito is doing GREAT! He is such a sweet boy. He is so easy going and very friendly with everyone we've introduced him to. I think he likes it here, too. He and our other dog get along really well and he's very playful with our cat, who loves danes. 

We haven't had any issues at all! I'm trying to continue to work on his training, some commands are easier than others. Maybe someday we could come to the farm and practice some of them, if you'd be interested and available. 

We have a vet appointment next week. We had had to reschedule his appointment, otherwise he would have been already. But he seems to be doing just fine.
I will get some pictures together to send to you so you can see him in his new home!


Dear Carlene, 
 Where are you find one you find the other. Connected at the hip! I always say Pixie is the best Service Dog. She is always by my side each and every day day and night. Never takes her eyes off of me. We don’t do anything separate always together. She has forever changed my life giving me the independence to be able to enjoy so many wonderful things. If it’s from doing house chores in the house to taking walks to enjoying an outing the little simple things in life. 

Stacy & Pixie 

p.s.    pipe dream  did have a third name??????
  pipe dream/ sweet thursday did have a third name .. cannery row... good story.. great musical.  john steinbek....

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

sept 16 2020 redwood tree

 You've heard clutter will accumulate to fill available space ... So will puppies if you get enough of them ..  I complained about the clean sunroom which was lovely and cleaned well the puppies are stuffed in the kitchen totally forgetting that the backroom or condo is it's often called can be made puppy proof with very little effort we needed to put fencing so they wouldn't slide off the ramps or fall out of the lofts which are 36 inches off the ground with not too much effort yesterday  all is it 15 puppies are now running up and down the Rams and off and on to the back deck and there are times when no one's in the kitchen this is a wonderful thing I can go make coffee without a lot of confusion .

Our Old David--- he's going to love that one ---redesigned that backroom totally on his own and did a wonderful job of ramps and sleeping lofts and things like that-----  easily accommodates 15 puppies without any problem .... also without a camera at the moment   I'm pretty sure is just a case of moving it which I like to try and do ---no that's a lie ---I'd like to try and get Bud to do next time is here---  they are comical to watch as they run around that condo area .
in addition to moving them all away from my coffee pot------  that puppy bus to take them down to the area by my swing set and the puppy Hill camera area , will do wonderful things to enrich their lives and “de-enrich “ the kitchen .. the fact that they are all black and white with different markings makes them a super joy to watch .. 
I bought that puppy bus when a sizable zoo in New Hampshire went out of business  ?1980?   the same day I bid on an elephant so I could at least say I done that ..
now this is a strange “thought loop”
I also bid on a very strange chunk of Redwood tree that was made into an apartment or house trailer .. I wonder if that's still around because I'd bid on it maybe 40 years ago ...because I also remember it being parked outside my high school at about 1959 .   It was perhaps , the start of my fascination with what does it take to live in to stay basically warm and dry doesn't take much ..     (  I personally know of several friends who owned houses that could easily keep 20 people warm and dry and they live in one room usually a large kitchen .....and the rest of the house stays heated so the five bathrooms don't freeze up .)
--moving on...
Yesterday we received a load of a pallets of dry dog food from purina which is absolutely wonderful and saves us $68,000 a year in trying to feed this tribe ... it was a little unexpected Probably do til cov  irregularities---- not complaining but we have to figure out how to store it .
When purina first offered to donate 8 pallets of dog food ...  I very quickly said of course we could take it and after I hung up I had to figure out how where we would  store it and feed the dogs and not the rats .. we had already been through storing dog food in an old ambulance which worked well for awhile until the rats found us .... 
it was one of those situations where you sit down drink coffee and say to yourself “  now what do I do “  ... Tractor trailers came to mind quickly ...but had very little class if any ... Moving slightly upstream was a shipping container .. so I bought 1 obviously used   $2500 and it's been wonderful .. FYI .. if it lands in the wrong place and you want it moved they charge $150 to come and move it ...which is why ours is now behind the G tent . 
As Haley and I stood there serveying the massive pile of of dog food and trying to figure out what to do with it we decided that if we move what we have to the left hand wall we would have enough room to move in the current 8 pallets while giving us an alleyway tored the previous load as we work as we work through it ..  that left hand collection has to be scientifically organized to include bags of puppy food and adult food at a ratio about 6:00 to 1:00 .. now we need some weight lifters to organize that.... although anyone who works here or volunteers here is well it used  to lifting 37 pound dog food bags .. a couple  tons????
Today Through Friday   if there is any weight lifting person looking for some exercise please come and visit us   24 bags per pallet  x  37  pounds per bag  x 8 pallets  is 3.5 tons I can't believe some of these gyms actually charge people to lift weights.  I'm on the wrong end of something there .  now consider... mix that 3.5 tons with water.. run it thru  “dane food preocessor” and you easily have 7 tons of  “used food” in the dumpster... hence my admiration of the relaiability of the dumpster guy...
All this caused haley  to say “ you coiuld live in one of these containers-that is true  you could
And my mind  looped  to the redwood  house trailer.... 

all that also looped to teh musical Sweet thursday... aka pipe dream -- john steinbeck?? and teh naughty lady who lived in an oil drum... for  another daily doggie...   ??? pipe dream  did have a third name??????
Thus endith the lesson for the day...

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

 Not that I'm anti cleanliness but there are times when priorities have to be considered .

someone was thrilled to tell Me they finally got the sunroom clean and the puppies out of there .. well one of my major goals in life is not to have a clean sunroom but rather to raise a bunch of useful puppies ..

so all of the puppies rammed into the kitchen which at one point required four people to be there besides which is definitely against my instructions----whatever ---- there no room to walk too crowded .


the problem being I can blame everything on COV … but that does have some effect because I rarely go anywhere except my room and out the front door so I'm not hanging around the c

coffee pot talking to people  and watching things….    .. I'm on my golf cart .


Having now been made aware of the mess in the kitchen I can see it's time to split the group and put one group outside in what we call the used car lot … and the other one on the back porch in the condo /deck  that would free up the coffee pot for Me which would be very nice .


Plus….I have now made a thing to drag behind the golf cart which means we can pile all the puppies down to the area by the swing set let him run around a little and get them out moving and doing things besides peeing in the kitchen ..-----which brings to mind the spoon feeding bit is to be done only by trainers or people with my specific permission----- it is not a way to feed the dogs a quick meal which is what I find is been happening there again because I wasn't watching closely enough .. there's so many things to look for.     The most dangerous is the concept of “it's easier.” . and therefore miss the point of the purpose of the exercise in the first place .   I live in fear of the person who decides by themselves that it would be easier to get rid of the rats in the barn by putting out rat poison … you’d  get rid of the rats  plus any of the dogs who happened to play with a dead rat ..,  and I don't know whether any of you know how attractive a dead rat would be but they’d  love it ..  Decision making can be a problem around here … ..I can't wait for iynne come And deal with a lot of this stuff .. Nothing is ever one layered there's always complicated reasons for everything .


So back to moving puppies …   couple things have to happen ..  I have the puppy proof the condo and block the ramps to the sleeping lofts at least for the moment until they learn not to fall off things or I rig some fencing I also have to make sure that stuff isn't balanced in preparation for having it fall on some pup .

it's strange that people don't see something balanced or leaning up against something as a potential disaster ..   it's the gravity thing ..  with puppies and small children the good Lord likes to see  large objects Firmly on the ground … because that's where they're gonna land . 

Then I would move the older pups and one week does make  them “older” pups    a difference at this age the older pups go out to the used car lot which has in-n-out to the  nut house .Two things have to happen there one is to move a bunch of fluffies to make the nuthouse comfortable so someone--- preferably a small person ---can crawl in and out the door and get the puppies used to going in and out ..  At the same time it is nice to have some person in what we call the used car lot because these puppies are still of a size that could be carried off by Hawk or eagle .. This is why we have all the colorful streamers over that area to deflect hungry birds .. makes the place look strange… whatever works…  


Camera controls???? I think that condo is set up for swapping the cqmera back and forth to the sunroom……budddddddddd????????


The dangling of a carrot in front of a donkey….. Which by the way does work .. at least with donkeys … setting up dogfest I'm asking all are volunteers and staff to make an appearance sometime between 11:00 AM and three oh and present themselves to the interview area which will be in the donkey stall where there is both camera and mic ..   this would earn you a dogfest tee shirt !!!    -------there also maybe a few other things in the donkey stall like turkeys goats and donkeys but that's the best we can do and so that's what will happen ..


I think the cp’s  would  like meeting everybody and hearing the impossible things that we do on a daily basis … other than that I am the proud operator of a cell phone which I can make print the questions from the comment column of our web … this is an amazing achievement easily done by any 12 year old and now Me.


The other wait for CPS to communicate in would be our  wireless land telephone which just about reaches the barn so I cannot guarantee that the 978 356 0666 would be a way to ask questions on camera .. we should be able to read the comment column so get ready .


Details details…

On this cov bit.. and the vaccine  which “they” ae saying might be ready by the end of the year….  I have a few hang ups… that  bother me…  somewhere I heard it has to be kept at minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit .. now when you want to ship a bunch Of vaccines from Ohio 2 Connecticut you don't just call U-Haul it for a truck that  they can guarantee they keep the temperature at minus 70 degrees …  And it was mentioned that these trucks would be equipped with that thing that tells 'em if the temperature is above minus 70 degrees . 

And every town Hall with their health Department will have to have provision for maintaining this vaccine at minus 70 degrees …  I know one person in the health Department in a town around here and she had said they don't have provision to keep ice cream cold .. which I'm told commercially is about at minus 10 .  

There is a whole industry yet to be developed 2 get this vaccine where it needs to go . I do hope somebody's worried about that besides Me.


Good morning Carlene
Every time I read a letter from the recipients of one of your wonderful Danes, it makes me 
smile and think, these SDP people are miracle workers!! I hope you all feel that and that feeling
doesn’t get lost in all you endless everyday activities.
Best to you all, 
Hi Carlene,
Thanks so much for the "tune up" and training tips. Abby is amazing and I love having her in my life. Just a little rough patch to work through.... Please convey my thanks to Judy, too.
I'd be happy to come next Saturday for the interviews or to help out in any other way.
Best,    Mary

Monday, September 14, 2020

sept 14 2020

   Virtual dogfest  is  sept 19th… getting ready….To rain or not to rain that is the question . basically we will be consciously on line from 11 to five the schedule let me rephrase that the loosely defined schedule will be 11 to 12 running around getting ready then starting 12 we will interview several recipients and our volunteers and our staff probably .....probably  on  the donkey camera and we will try 2 answer questions if you can type them in the comment column it'll give you a chance to meet everybody and see a few of the working dogs

That will happen from 12 to 3 at 3:00 o'clock we will do the usual schatting   followed by the autographedWayne Gretzky T shirt that's not a T shirt that's his game shirt and the Bobby Orr books posters then the gorgeous quilt afterwhich we will have the spirit stick braid and all of those things will be in the arena if it's raining otherwise the puppy Hill camera

.in and around that we will runnan feed the puppies well they happen to think it's time to do that .to that end I have made a portable puppy device to be hauled behind my golf cart .. I do love the white wire shelving as puppy barriers

the only chores I have left to do construction wise are two more spirit stick holders .. we seem to have lost a couple as much as you can lose anything that's 8 foot  square .   I'm having a good time doing these chores because I can find my tools ,this doesn't sound like much but if you spend 4 hours looking for equipment all energy gets expended looking   ---- the way it's actually working out is I get everything all together and start it with hopes if somebody comes along to help me finish…Namely mark   and yesterday Bud too .. let's face it I could not run this place without an awful lot of help .

Dennis has become service dog project 's painter yesterday was white paint day as will today be hopefully getting a coat of paint on the  portable puppy  project . You can watch that on the puppy Hill camera probably .


I do want to get pockets out she did very well loose around here .  if she stands any chance of be coming another mary then we really ought to try and let her wander around and develop her personality more ---to that end I'm going to try and get her box under the swing set and hang a bucket  to fead  her off the chain so that it would be a routine let her out of the door and she just goes over to the swing set . Mary was one of the most interesting animals I've ever handled .but she didn't get that way locked in a pasture .

The only complication is that donkeys are used in herds of sheep to kill Wolves and they do that with their teeth not their heels .. so for starters we have to watch very carefully to see if pockets has any inclination to chase and bite  the dogs . So far so good .


one other training detail .. this spoon feeding that we do of puppies is a training maneuver it's not to be used as a quick way of getting them fed .. they need a real meal . to the point maybe a limited number of people should be allowed to spoon feed .. certainly not our overnighters trying to get them quiet at 2:00 AM--- they're hungry--- feed them .


There was a woman here yesterday (whose husband is in the active  military )which is why I took it on---    who has a Dane puppy that they bought to try and work it into a service dog for herself as she has progressive mobility problems . I tried to give her a few pointers couple things off the top you don't let a dog wander around at the end of a 6 foot leash and think you're going to get them trained to be a service dog I made a leash for her and gave her one of our collars leash is 24 inches long and the dog is right by her side that in itself made a big difference in what she was doing ----the other thing she arrived with the gentle leader   Because she was told bye what she considered authority ---the breeder---  who sold her the dog---- that was the only way to control a Great Dane so I . told her well I was going to try and help her she's going to have to get rid of that because the dog hates it and the minute she unsnapped it to take it off the dog tried to push it off with his feet in a demonstration of how much he hated that thing .. you can't begin to train a dog when the first thing you do is to put something on that he absolutely hates .

so with very little instruction by the time she went out through gate the dog was walking nicely at her side with a loose leash. she has some homework to do ..the other interesting part is the dog was a blue … which is one of the Great Dane colors The Blues the Browns and the Harlequins .

Her pup is 5 months old and definitely illustrated the fact that he basically was confused and didn't understand that he was to stay next to her for protection . with very little help -----we explained that to him and you could almost see the relief . dogs don't do well if they're confused .  when in doubt,  tell them to do something that they understand like lie down or something .  

Update from Brenda and Service Dog Dolly:
Thank you for all you do. It's the generosity of people like you that make people like me,  dreams come true!!
Dolly has changed my life!! The independence I now have after receiving Dolly is unbelievable. I knew that a service dog could help make my life better. But I never could have envisioned what she has actually done for me. I live a totally different independent life than I did before.
She is so dependable and has become the best thing for me.  I am hers and she is mine, we are the best team.  I am able to leave the house totally independently and even bring my grandchildren out to places with me.  That brings me more joy than I can express.
Thank you!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2020

SEPT 13 2020

 frantic sunday... someone told the overnight person not to feed the pups... and now we have 17 screaming puppies that are so frqntic i can not get to the coffee pot.!!  people give orders with authority and without my knowledge.. i can understand trying to go overnight without a meal... but...... we try not to let the adults go that long without at leat treat for food or they throw up bile.. 

these pups are plump and  active.... but they are also  very frantic at food time and have real problems staying  one to a bowl....  so that is what i will do today...  this mob scene will be a problem down the road,,,, 
Would you consider updating guidelines at the farm for volunteers?
Currently #1 sign in #2 keep 10 feet apart #3 wear mask #4 no going in buildings.
I've run into 2 volunteers who are anxious to come to the farm but not being able to go into the laundry building to use the bathroom is a problem. When I started back my visits were short for the same reason. Those of us with mature pea sized bladders are challenged. I now have been cleaning the laundry building and the ICE house so it's good. Hoping to be able to go into the barn soon.
Thank you for all you do and sharing Crazy Acres with all of us!
 Donna Kimball
a detail i had not considdered   

if everyone can keep  10 foot distance, i would love to have teh regular volunteers back helping.... even in the barn...   what i totally object to is group of 3 people in one room just talking .
 we have outside places for just talking..   .. you can socialize all you want in the t tent at 10 feet away from each other.   but get 3 people in a building and i guarentee 2 people will get stuck in one  doorway  or they must go past someone standing  in a narrrow hallway...  when  the one  standing is me, i get very upset.  

to our regulars,, come here..... but be ready for me to  insist on 10 '  and if you are in a building  be the only onbe in that are.


Rigby and Pluto get along great. They play like they’ve been together for years and just like hanging out together.
    Pluto is wonderful! She had a few seizures during the first few months she was with us. I tried to wait to see the vet until I’d be allowed to go in with her because she’s very timid around strangers but she had a seizure two days in a row so I felt it couldn’t wait any longer. My vet was able to do an exam outside with me present.  After a few blood tests and no evident causes we decided to try her on Phenobarbital. It’s seems to be working well...fingers crossed!
    Even though she’s not helping someone as the service dog she was trained to be,  I take her into as many stores as I can so she can use her skills! She loves getting dressed, going for a ride and helping me shop! One day Pluto and I were visiting my mother at Brooksby Village in Peabody, several residents stopped to admire her and ooh and aww about her impeccable behavior. We try to be good SDP ambassador’s and tell as many people who are interested about the incredible program you have built.
Thank you for all you do and for choosing me and my family to adopt and love this wonderful girl!
Michele Venezia and Family



Saturday, September 12, 2020

sept 12 2020

 the more things change, the more they stay the same... 

just take a look, were living proof
 you're still you and i'm still me.-------i forget the rest.. 
Along with the poem  on our mirrors weekly ---    for a dollar---   the BIG   poem in the hallway was  ”IF”  by Rudyard Kiplin g ..  hung opposite the bathroom -- Where I spent a lot of time waiting for my sisters to get out of there ---- if we could recite it perfectly would get us $10 . of course I saw easy money and I memorized it and got the $10 .   the interesting part if there  is that I kept that $10 in my Bureau drawers and one day my father in a slight panic came in and asked to borrow the $10 be'cause they were taking another couple to dinner and he hadn't cashed a check so we needed the $10 to take four people to dinner ..(??really???)  

the story goes on   the I charged him $0.10 a day to borrow  the $10 and sometimes his memory would go three or four days before he remembered to pay me back .   He would complain loudly that my rate of $0.10 a day was outrageous but he'd have to pay it because he needed the $10 .  I was selling convenience I would tell him….

this is my introduction to banking . easy money if you had it you could make it work for you especially if you knew somebody who didn't have any and needed it .

my opinion of banking hasn't changed much over the past 80 years . specially when I see the interest being charged and charge cards if you're one day late and compare that to the interest banks are now paying  you for just holding your money for you --- the word  usury comes to mind .  ?Is that right out of the Bible?    see they even had problem with bankers back then .


Just to put the $10 in the proper perspective I remember the local spaghetti joint “Tony’s” a plateful of spaghetti and meatballs was a dollar ..  I remember cigarettes costing $0.18 a pack and if you got them out of a machine there were two pennies in the cellophane of the pack and you save those pennies because they had some value ..   old gold? now at your local convenience store they have a little dish of pennies to which they Ad and subtract them to keep the cash register happy but the pennies themselves have little to no meeting .


next thing I remember there's a hell of a gap between these two ..  delivering the want advertiser magazine I was flabbergasted when stores started having that little dish of pennies so you could make your own change if you happen to want it ----otherwise they got to the closest nickel and you were on your own ..

that process was probably the 1970s-- now no one knows how to "make change." anyway..-----

life is different now you take all the pennies and hope they have some copper in him and sell him to the junkyard .

lesson of the day…..

So now with  this COV  ..   We certainly have more time on our hands then I had waiting for my sisters to get out of the bathroom … we could all stand to learn  “IF”  ---

It's a pretty good poem specially about losing your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you .. lots of concepts until you get to the last line about “and which is more you'll be a man my son “   … so forgive  the son part---- it's an old poem .


 Now everyone.. without fail…  there is no excuse…. “WHEN I GET TIME I AM GOING TO CLEAN OUT THAT CLOSET.”  Probably some of you in the damn fool Department actually said I wish I had time to clean the garage … well now you do and is the garage any cleaner ?  it's far easier just to complain and not do anything about it . the reason I know all about this is I'm extremely guilty of this concept . my worst offense is summed up with clutter will accumulate to fill available space .  and even though I now have only one room and a  bathroom ..I hide my things in here ----  so I have a pretty complete tool shop of  saws and drills , a monkey fist production Department on the bed to be used when I have insomnia , and the shipping Department of the little plastic tubs with corresponding Cardboard boxes .. along with several past projects either finished or given  it up .. most notably davinci's bridge .. in model form . that is a bridge which will hold a person and it's put together by balancing wedge s .. that can be googled and it's interesting .

the other thing I cannot talk about is the three rifles I have in the corner here mostly be'cause one is probably valuable and the other two are too complicated to get rid of ..the valuable one still has that rod where you poke down all the powder or whatever and some knowledgeable person did see it once and very knowingly said  you could sell this for a lot of money …since no ones offered a lot of money whatever that is the leaving up in the corner of the room .

There are a couple things around here which in a normal situation would probably be valuable enough for that antique show …   most notably the surveyors chain which is draped all around the kitchen and living room and can be seen during Mail call if you look closely enough it's with all the links and loops … unfortunately it's very sturdy and you can hang amazing things from it so it's hard to find .

one other interesting thing I think is the little metal and wooden box about 10 inches cubed .in it there's a little metal tray .. object being to put some fireplace coals in that little tray and put it in the bottom of your carriage so you could put your feet on it and cover them with a blanket .

every time I look at it I I wonder how I dare complained about the fact that my car can't keep the heat at about 80 degrees .

There is also an element here -- in the good old days simple mistakes were inclined to kill you without benefit of legal representation .

Makes me wonder  what did The Pioneers do about a simple toothache . and then I remember something about George Washington having wooden teeth ? keep that in mind when you long for the good old days .

there we go

Friday, September 11, 2020

sept 11 2020

Water ---  or in its New England form ... ice .. a great deal of my existence has been dealing with one form of the other here on crazy acres we had a lovely system going where we filled a 4 foot long stock tank with water and we had a plastic bucket hanging on the wall as a dipper .
because the source of water was 75 feet away at the other end the barn where it came out of the ground . now when there were only horse people maintaining the stalls which would be Janine and I----   that dipper hung on the wall ----  the problem started when we had new people who are wonderfully helpful but didn't realize you don't set the dipper on the ground ... because next time you dip you have all sorts of floaters in the stock tank ..
Now in the winter there is a electric gizmo which prevents it from freezing ..And the 75 foot long hose is left lying on the ground after you drain it by putting one end in the arena and walking along putting the other one up over your head to properly drain it.... -----   you must never hang up a hose in the winter because even if you drained it you will get one little tiny block of ice at the bottom  of the loop  which means you have 75 foot of hose Which needs to spend the overnight in the kitchen .
this reminds Me ----  when we lived in Lynnfield at the original crazy acres we had a good dozen horses and 7 neighborhood kids including my 2  who  took care of them in the afternoon .I could say “  it's five o'clock time to feed “  and the small army would go into action---  some grain some hay and water---   these kids were not 10 years old yet but they pretty much did the whole thing themselves-----    it's the water that got complicated .
Janine being the youngest was assigned the on off at the faucet will the other six would empty bucket and leave the hose person  to yell  “on”  --- to fill them. the problem being in spite of the underground gate valve which was supposed to be Frost free and miles of electric heating tape the very end of the faucet would occasionally become frozen and useless because of about a teaspoonful of  ice .. .. it would only take about 1/4 of a Cup a warm water to loosen that faucet so they could get the horses watered ..   the house was about 200 feet away ..  so the quickest 1/4 Cup of warm fluid was usually available from one of the 7 girls in this feeding process .  there were no boys who come equipped with a far more efficient nozzle but the girls were very inventive and once the water was running they could rinse it all down very nicely .
Fast forward to Ipswich... the water supply is buried down  4 to 5 feet below the frost with a gate valve down there...under the  heated feed room.... It drains the pipe down 4 feet every time you shut it off.    but nothing is as efficient as those 7 kids
There is one thing that needs fixing... .. Since I now have mini donkeys and full size horses often in the same area I must change all the water bucket hooks to the lower position because if you have one horse and one mini donkey and you have one high bucket and one low bucket .I guarantee you the horse will drink out of the low bucket and the donkey would go thirsty .. so I really need to lower all those hooks til the mini donkey size  before winter.
 which doesn't really solve the Turkey Department I don't know what I'm gonna do with the turkeys I don't know why they can't get along with the chickens we may have to try again .  there are heated chicken waterers...   which means electricity in the chicken coop... 
Next problem.
Speaking of things frozen and all the oddball things around here then it takes to keep the place running ...  there is one septic pipe coming out of the laundry building which is a little bit too close to the surface  and  not tipped enoughl it right at the back door to the building it occasionally freezes so that if it's particularly cold winter I have to put one wheel barrel full of good fresh manure right at that back door which has worked very nicely for 20 years and counting. it's just one of those details that's hard to explain to city folk who live in condos and all they have to do is call the Superintendent . there's no learning process there .  Farm life is far more conducive to creativity then condo living .  
Puppy running.... Must correct the process today...  one person up in front of the march calls and clicks the can.. we then need another 3 or 4 people  who must not call the pups---- to collect the straglers until they learn to follow..    canned food will help
 Dogs are followers, not leaders..  FYI if you're trying to catch a loose dog you will never catch it by chasing it but sometimes if you turn around and walk away it'll come with you ..  that has worked many times in my career-------- the worst one being the Greyhound we were using in a commercial .. now greyhounds will chase anything that moves and unfortunately we were in the flight path of planes out of Logan airport and one decided to run the direction that the plane was going .that was a nerve wracking deal .  My life has been very tough  on my nerves .

 copying and pasting...............:)
Lilo finally adjusted to the pacific zone time change, which means fewer 4 am walks.

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